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How To Light An Open Plan Room

How To Light An Open Plan Room

Date Published: November 12th, 2021

Does your home have an open plan living space? Whether you have a kitchen-diner open space or a home that features open planning throughout, choosing the right lighting can really make a difference. 

The lighting you choose for your home can help to shape its mood, make it cosy or even make it seem a lot more intimate. Open-plan spaces in homes can be a challenge to light, especially if the design spans across multiple levels. Whether you’re looking for a natural lighting plan or something a bit more modern, below are some clever open plan living lighting ideas that you can use to create an inspiring open plan living space. 

Create Lighting Zones 

If your open plan living space spans through two zones in your home, for example, your kitchen and living room, then it makes sense to create lighting zones. Doing so will help to create an ambience in your living room whilst maintaining a practical and bright aesthetic in the kitchen to aid with cooking etc. Looking for a solution for lighting open plan kitchen diners? This is a great tip for you!

One way you can do this is by adding pendant lights over your kitchen space while utilising floor lamps with warm glow bulbs in your living room. 

Get Creative With Light Fixtures 

Although open plan living is great for opening up your home, it can create difficulties when it comes to finding the right spaces for light fixtures. One of our favourite open plan living lighting ideas is to utilise curved floor maps, which can span different living spaces and create an extra dimension. Alternatively, you could opt for ambient downlights, which can help frame a limited space such as a dining room table. 

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Bring The Outside Inside 

If you have outdoor space in your home, why not link it to your indoor space by using lighting? Outdoor areas are great for entertaining, especially in the summer months, so utilise festoon lighting with similar warmth to your inside lighting in order to emphasise a flow. Opt for lighting open plan kitchen diners with similar bulbs to your festoon lights to really pull your space together. 

Opt For Accent Lighting 

Accent lighting can help to add depth and even length to an open space, especially when it draws the eye to a certain space. Picture lights, floor lamps and even sconces are ideal for showcasing artwork, highlighting alcoves or adding character to a fireplace. 

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Be Inventive

Don’t be afraid to get inventive with lighting in open floor plan homes. If your space spans over two floors, or if you have high ceilings, then long chandeliers are a perfect option to span your lighting over the house. This can give it depth and make the space brighter overall. Lighting open plan kitchen diners using this method is a sure-fire way to enhance the space.  

Opt For A Dimmer Switch

Dimmer switches give you complete control over the ambience of your living space. Whether you have downlights or pendant lighting, dimmer switches allow you to change the vibe of your home in an instant. So whether you’re entertaining or settling in for a movie night, you can control the lighting in open floor plan homes at the touch of a button.  

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