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Hafele Handles - Modern Life

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Established for some time as the leading innovators in their field, Hafele Decorative Cabinet Handles is proud to announce its Modern Life range of handles. These handles have been hand-picked by connoisseurs of their trade the world over, from trusted suppliers and artisans who have spent years perfecting their craft. The breadth of the range spans from intricate, delicate handmade pieces to durable and sleek manufactured works guaranteed to stand the test of time. However, whether it is an elegant, commercially-produced bar handle or a stunning, intricate handcrafted piece, every Hafele decorative handles piece – particularly the Hafele Modern Life handle range – is held to the same standards of quality, style, durability and craftsmanship.

To allow our customers easier access to the styles they are looking for, and create a better atmosphere for building striking, original aesthetics for their projects, we have grouped our Hafele Decorative Handles into distinct ranges that will allow easy, quick navigation of the product range, as well as allowing the discerning customer to quickly choose the particular feel they want to pursue for their planned project.

These five subcategories are, at present:

  • Modern Classics
  • Modern Life
  • Vintage
  • Urban
  • Sleek and Simple

With five very different styles to choose from, you are bound to be able to find an aesthetic to suit your dream room.

Hafele decorative handles provide the perfect finishing touch to any room, able to bring a larger project together and tie the overall aesthetic up in an understated, elegant bow. When it comes to decoration, the devil is in the details, and making sure that your cupboards, drawers and cabinets have a handles that fit with and compliment your overall aesthetic can be the difference between a jarring, unpleasant effect and a smooth environment that can put guests and residents alike at ease.

The Modern Life range of Hafele Decorative Cabinet Handles effortlessly combines stylish contemporary designs with functionality and durability to provide a long-lasting, sturdy and chic accessory to any room. Outstanding quality is a central feature with every single handle, which, if you see it in the collection, has passed a rigorous selection process to make it into the Hafele Vintage Collection.

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