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Commercial LED Lighting

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Light Supplier are primarily home improvement specialists, supplying under cabinet lighting, LED downlights, LED lighting and GX53 lighting. We have been an established stockist and distributor of commercial lighting, replacement handles and kitchen wirework for a number of years, while continuing to invest in and develop our ranges to meet the industry’s changing fashions.

Based in Merseyside and operating out of a 16,000sq ft site, we have been able to develop these particular ranges into one of the most extensive and finest in the North West.

We are able to provide the very best in both interior and external commercial lighting. Whether you’re looking to light up the internal workspaces of your establishment, or find the perfect fittings that will illuminate the front of your business, you’re sure to find it within our range, for an excellent price.

Our diverse selection of LED lights is guaranteed to provide the ideal cost-efficient solution for your business, whilst our LED strip lights will enable you to cover larger areas affordably and in an energy-efficient manner. Businesses in London will love our collection of modern, sleek, effortless designs; all whilst enjoying the longevity and durability that LED lights can bring.

We provide bespoke quotations for our commercial customers, so please do not hesitate to contact us for a no-obligation quotation, just tell us what you want!

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LED Strip Light Kit - 12V 60 LED
  • 1m LED Strip Light Kit - Cool White - Includes Driver & Accessory Pack
  • 5m LED Strip Light Kit - Cool White - Includes Driver & Accessory Pack
  • 10m LED Strip Light Kit - Cool White - Includes Driver & Accessory Pack
  • 1m LED Strip Light Kit - Natural White - Includes Driver & Accessory Pack
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15W COB Dotless RGB LED Tape
  • 1000mm COB Dotless RGB LED Tape
  • 2000mm COB Dotless RGB LED Tape
  • 3000mm COB Dotless RGB LED Tape
  • 4000mm COB Dotless RGB LED Tape
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Duoline Track Lighting - Power Supply
  • Matt White Mount Over Power Supply
  • Matt Black Mount Over Power Supply


Duoline Track Lighting - Straight Connector
  • Matt White Straight Connector
  • Matt Black Straight Connector


Commercial Lighting FAQs

For guaranteed efficiency, our commercial lighting solutions incorporate the latest LED technology. Light Supplier is passionate about making properties brighter and all-around energy-savvy places. That’s why we don’t limit ourselves to basic fixtures. 

To help get you the most for your money, we offer indoor and outdoor LEDs that balance style with substance: 

  • Bulkhead lights
  • Bollard lights
  • Wall lights
  • Drop lights
  • Track lights
  • Bar lights
  • Strip lights
  • Pendant lights
  • Spotlights 
  • TV Backlights
  • Panel lights

With Light Supplier’s commercial range, you can illuminate your space with long-lasting LEDs. Whether redecorating your office, warehouse, cafe or bar, our practical solutions yield excellent results every time.

Light Supplier products have been tried, tested and loved by customers all across the UK for over 20 years. We’re home improvement specialists with a rich history in the industry! 

Finding fixtures that complement your decor while performing at maximum capacity can be difficult. But at Light Supplier, we understand the nuances of commercial lighting. 

To give you the best of both worlds, we package our superior LED technology inside a range of classic and modern casings. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is reflected in our online reviews. 

We are proudly rated 4.6/5 on Reviews.io, a testament to our performance and reliability. When you shop for commercial lighting with us, you’ll receive top service from our knowledgeable customer representatives and first-class products to match!

Energy efficiency is a cornerstone of all Light Supplier products. 

Our commercial fixings are designed to consume less electricity without compromising visibility. Install our products in your commercial space, and you can enjoy the benefits of lower energy bills with exceptional brightness levels. 

Our LEDs are well-known for longevity, meaning you won’t be bogged down with frequent replacements. Optimise your energy consumption by switching to Light Supplier products and upgrade your commercial property’s ambience.

Absolutely! We’ve established ourselves as a reputable trade supplier with a strong foothold in the industry. Since 1989, we’ve provided customers across the UK with the latest LED lights, updating our stock as technology evolves. 

We’re always looking for the next big thing and take great pride in our selection of over 1,000 products. 

In 20 years, we’ve established firm partnerships with some of the industry’s top-name brands, like Hafele, Aurora Lighting and Leyton Lighting, so you can trust us to deliver quality.