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240v Under Cabinet Lights

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Mains 240v LED Under Cabinet Lighting is becoming increasingly popular, with more and more light being added to the range.

Versatile and energy-efficient, cabinet lights can be added to a range of surfaces, including cupboards, countertops, desks, shelves, and more! Not only do they provide task lighting, but they can enhance the atmosphere and appearance of your home. 

This is ideal for creating an ambient setting, replacing overhead lighting with soft illumination during the night. Better yet, switching to mains 240v cabinet lighting can help you save money by reducing your energy consumption. 

With LED under cabinet lights offering the same sleek appearance and size as a lot of the 12V LED Downlights, our mains 240v cabinet lights are a great option for any application where a power converter is not wanted or can't be fitted.

When choosing 240V under cabinet lights, consider factors such as the colour temperature, the length of the lighting strips needed, and whether dimmable options are desired. For a cosy home, opt for warm bulbs. If an efficient workspace is what you desire, cool lighting is the better choice. 

For a sleek and unobtrusive appearance, opt for recessed lighting with seamlessly integrates into the surface. This is ideal for a modern home, adding sophistication. These lights can be hard-wired into the home's electrical system, offering a seamless and permanent lighting solution.

Browse our mains 240v under cabinet lighting below for a smart solution to home lighting.

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These are designed to be installed under kitchen cabinets to enhance visibility for various tasks in the kitchen. 

They operate at a voltage of 240 volts, which is standard in many countries, allowing them to be connected directly to the home's electrical system without a transformer.

Our 240v mains lights offer more stability and reliability than low-voltage options. This is beneficial for consistent light output and performance. 

These provide efficient task lighting for various applications in the home or commercial spaces.

Yes, our 240v mains under cabinet lights can be installed on any type of kitchen cabinet. 

The installation process may vary for different types of surfaces. Metal cabinets will require mounting hardware for a sturdy application.

LED lights are known for their long lifespan, lasting anywhere between 25,000 to 50,000 hours. If you use the lights for an average of 3 hours per day, they could last for over 20 years.

However, this will vary based on the quality and brand of your under cabinet lights.

This depends on the style and brand of the fixture. 

Some fixtures are designed with replaceable bulbs for quick and easy replacement. However, most modern LED lights come with integrated LEDS, which means the light is built into the fixture and can’t be replaced. 

It’s best to check which type of fixture you’re purchasing before buying.

Frequently Asked Answer

To maintain your 204v mains under cabinet lights, clean the lens regularly with a soft, dry cloth and mild detergent. 

Turn the power off beforehand and check any electrical connections to ensure there’s no visible damage.