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Outdoor Wall Lights

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Outdoor wall lights don’t just elevate your garden, they serve as a necessary safety feature for your home.

If something is missing in your garden, ambient lighting may just be what you need. Whether you prefer the timeless appeal of wall lanterns or the efficiency of PIR sensor lights, Light Supplier has got you covered.

Our LED outdoor wall lights are designed to be safe and resilient against harsh weather conditions. Whether you need specific task lighting for navigating your pathway during the night or locating your keys, we have a range of fixtures to suit every need and preference. 

Outdoor LED wall lights can be installed on your garden wall, porch ceiling, along your garden fence or on large features such as sheds. Who said safety measures can’t look good? 

From modern outdoor wall lights to rustic and vintage designs, your garden will look glamorous and inviting whilst preventing accidents and deterring intruders. Better yet, you can strategically place and adjust outdoor wall lighting to highlight dark spots or specific areas of your home.

This could create the perfect cosy lighting for a late-night dinner party or illuminate architectural features or elements of decor for an eye-catching look. These can also be placed above CCTV cameras for increasing visibility on camera. 

Durable, water-resistant, and sleek, light outdoor walls and increase the appearance and value of your property with us today. 

You can rely on our affordable lighting fixtures to get the job done. Browse our outdoor wall lights below to unlock the key to a practical garden space.

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Trio Lighting Duero Industrial Style Lantern Outdoor Lighting
  • Anthracite Finish
  • Rust Finish
  • Concrete Look Finish



Tunga Single LED Outdoor Wall Light
  • Anthracite
  • Matt White


Indoor wall lights are a stunning way to light up your home. Whether you want to install them in your bedroom to create the perfect mood, along the stairwell to create practical yet attractive lighting or in the kitchen to layer your lighting system - we have got something for you. Wall lights create a warm ambience, which makes your house feel and look cosy. LED wall lights are a great and unique alternative to harsh overhead lighting. 

A further advantage of opting for indoor wall lights is that these fixtures do not take up excessive space. Floor lamps can take up a section of your room, but wall lights do not and that space can be used for something better! This makes wall lights ideal for smaller rooms.  

Outdoor wall lights are ideal to add lighting to your garden. You can install these on your shed, garage or the walls outside of your home. In the summer nights, you can enjoy more time outdoors of the warm nights by installing effective lighting. These will take your home to the next level! 

At Light Supplier, we have a great range of wall lights that differ in style, colour temperature and shape. We even have adjustable light options, which we recommend for the bedroom or living room. 

Purchasing LED lighting is one of the best decisions you can make for your house. LEDs are the most efficient way to light up your home, as they use 90% of the electricity that is passed through them. This type of lighting lasts up to 40 times longer than halogen bulbs. Therefore, they are an investment, as you will not have to regularly replace them. Additionally, LED lighting is more attractive than halogen or incandescent lights - there are no downsides! 

If you have any questions, or you need advice about lighting in your home, then feel free to get in touch with us. We have a fantastic team waiting to help you! Or if you are ready to buy, purchase LED wall lights today and we will have them to you ASAP!