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LED Flood Lights

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At Light Supplier, we have a wide range of lighting solutions for your every need. 

Our LED flood lights provide high-intensity lighting, perfect for task lighting in your garden. These can be stationed on the floor for pathway illumination or garage lighting. 

LED bulbs mean that our lights are energy-efficient and long-lasting, perfect for permanent home solutions. Outdoor flood lights come in various shapes and sizes, designed for different applications. 

Besides being used in the home, these are commonly used in outdoor settings, such as in sports arenas, parking lots, and outdoor event spaces. Flood LED lighting is used to increase visibility, deterring possible intruders and preventing accidents. 

Their small build is perfect for hiding in bushes or shrubbery for a discreet look. For additional efficiency, browse our LED flood lights with sensors. These turn on automatically when motion is detected outside, which is ideal for task lighting or intruder detection. 

You can add one LED flood light or several, tailoring them to suit your personal needs. These can be positioned strategically to highlight dark spots and paired with security cameras.

We also stock wall lights that can be easily installed on your garden wall for illuminating larger surface areas. With a range of styles to choose from, browse our LED flooding lights below.
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Why Choose LED Flood Lights?

Much more durable and long-lasting than alternatives, LED flood lights are made with tough, hard plastics instead of brittle glass, and do not rely on filaments or halogen tubes which so frequently fail. Instead, LED lighting keeps on going well after halogens or incandescent have failed – and on top of that, the design of the LED flood lights allows them to generate much less heat than their competitors.

That helps keep costs down, but, even more critically, it helps protect the light itself, avoiding heat fluctuations and preserving the weatherproofing of the light.

As well as wall-mounted and swivel-mounted flood lighting, Lightsupplier also stocks spike lighting which operates in the same way as an LED flood light, with the added bonus of being deployable on any soft ground or grass where you need it. Please note, however, that these wireless lights are not as powerful as a floodlight connected to the mains electricity supply would be.