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LED Under Cabinet Lighting

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When it comes to LED under cabinet lighting, it has to be done! We have one of the widest selections and some of the lowest prices around when it comes to under cupboard lights.

Kitchen under cabinet lighting is becoming increasingly popular with both homeowners and interior designers and as such we have an extensive range available to buy online with a wide array of options including; Surface Mounted, Recessed, Round, Triangle, Angled Wedged, Square, and Flat Panel Lights.

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Solaris Pro Recti LED Under Cabinet Light
  • Aluminium Finish - Warm White 3000K LED
  • Aluminium Finish - Natural White 4000K LED
  • Black FInish - Warm White 3000K LED
  • Black Finish - Natural White 4000K LED


Illuminating with under cabinet lighting

Also referred to as pelmet lights, this type of lighting can add ambience to a room, illuminating work surfaces which are usually cast with shadows, blocking out the light. Kitchen cabinet lighting will help with cooking, reading, washing up or performing other tasks in the kitchen. It is a highly functional style of lighting which is why it is so popular. 

There are several different types of under cupboard kitchen lights including mains and battery operated. Mains connected pelmet lights are long-lasting and connect to your main power source, whilst battery operated styles rely on a battery throughout their lifespan. 

If you’re looking for new task lighting in your kitchen or bathroom, undercabinet lighting is perfect. It provides a bright focused light directly on to your work surface, allowing you to prepare food or wash your hands without being in the dark.

Why choose LED under cabinet lighting?

There are a few reasons. LED under shelf cupboard lights are energy-efficient, with a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours – making them a powerful alternative to traditional bulbs. The bulbs are also better for the environment, as they can be recycled and don’t produce any toxic emissions. Lastly, LED bulbs will save you money on your electricity bills as the bulbs use much less energy than halogen or fluorescent bulbs.

Installation is relatively simple. Battery-powered lighting will just stick to the surface, but mains LED under cabinet lighting may need to be screwed in. You can often connect it using a plug socket, but use of an electrician may be required if you have a lot of lights to install.

Making the right choice

If you don’t need this as task lighting, it can also be used as accent lighting. Accent lighting is used to highlight interesting features around the room, and works great if your cabinets have glass doors or you use open shelving.

The key to making the right choice is the lumen value. If you’re hoping to use the under shelf lights to eliminate shadows, you need a bright light and therefore a higher lumen value, with a colour temperature of cool white. For successful accent lighting, opt for warm white lighting. If you are unsure which type of under cabinet lighting will work best with your space, our team are available to help you.

If you need help choosing the right product, call the team on 0151 548 2705.

Under Cabinet Lighting FAQs

LED undercabinet lights are exactly what they sound like, lighting that is attached to the underside of your cabinets, in the kitchen, utility or anywhere else you might have cupboards in your home. 

They’re used to create a beautiful glow in the room, adding depth to the space. They’re also excellent for task lighting. When you install under cupboard lights in the kitchen area, they provide targeted lighting for your kitchen countertops which is great for when you’re preparing food and cooking. 

Here at Light Supplier, we stock a wide range of under cabinet lighting, designed to fit multiple styles of homes. We have recessed under cupboard lighting which is designed to fit flush against the surface so there’s a little distinction of the lights. Surface-mounted under cupboard lighting - this is attached to the underside of your kitchen cabinets with little effort.  We also stock under cabinet strip lighting which provides a full strip of lighting to this area, as opposed to a small area of lighting with the spotlights. 

The cinder cupboard lighting that we stock at Light Supplier is designed to be fitted easily, and with simple and stylish designs that look beautiful when installed. Some designs will barely be seen when installed, but those that can be seen will add a beautiful design element to the space they’re installed in. 

Depending on the type of LED kitchen lights that you choose, they can be relatively easy to install. However, if you don’t feel confident in doing so, we always recommend that you get a qualified electrician to install your lighting. 

We do sell a selection of battery operated under cupboard lights that are easily installed and quick to use. These battery operated lights won’t give you as much light output compared to mains supplied lights, but the simple, quick and easy installation more than makes up for that fact. 

Our range of battery operated lights for under your cabinets are created with rechargeable batteries. This is a great design feature, as you won’t need to keep buying new batteries when they run out, you can simply charge them up and get them to brighten your under cupboard area once again. 

Your kitchen cabinet lighting will last in accordance with how much you use it. If you have it switched on for hours and hours at a time it won’t last as long as if you were using it sporadically throughout the day, such as when you’re cooking or preparing food. 

The best thing you can do to ensure that you’re not replacing your kitchen cabinet lighting frequently is to buy LED lights. LED lighting lasts much longer than halogen lighting. 

Light Supplier is a reputable lighting seller stocking well-known and much-loved brands. With more than 30 years of experience in the lighting industry, we bring you the best products at competitive prices. We offer a quick turnaround on your orders, offering fast and reliable delivery that you can count on. Shop with us for high quality, stylish and affordable lighting options for your home or commercial spaces. 

If you need any assistance with choosing the right lighting for your home, we have plenty of lighting guides that you can read online, or give us a quick call and our expert team will be happy to assist you with choosing the right lighting for your needs.