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Hafele Handles - Swarovski Crystal

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The leading brand without question in their field, Hafele Decorative Cabinet Handles are selected by connoisseurs the world over, from the creations of artisans and craftsmen to works created in more commercial settings. The beautiful handles, knobs and railings stocked by Hafele have all come from trusted suppliers renowned for their quality and solid construction, and have resulted in a range that spans intricate, detailed and completely unique handmade pieces and simpler, sturdier commercial bar handles. Every product, whether an Italian commissioned piece or a sleek Korean design forged from one single piece, is held to the same standard of excellence, quality, durability and style, and is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

To allow our customers easier access to the styles they are looking for, and create a better atmosphere for building striking, original aesthetics for their projects, we have grouped our Hafele Decorative Handles into distinct ranges that will allow easy, quick navigation of the product range, as well as allowing the discerning customer to quickly choose the particular feel they want to pursue for their planned project.

These five subcategories are, at present:

  • Modern Classics
  • Modern Life
  • Vintage
  • Urban
  • Sleek and Simple

With five very different styles to choose from, you are bound to be able to find an aesthetic to suit your dream room.

With a subtle nod to nostalgia and our Vintage range, the Swarovski Crystal Hafele Handles range incorporates the elegant beauty and trademark style of Swarovski crystal with Hafele’s own graceful sense of class and style, resulting in a really timeless, beautiful piece that would be right at home in a high-fashion office, a chic, luxurious studio apartment or a classy, polished kitchen or dining area.

This is a range that oozes class, elegance and style, and it is more than able to fit into any room with a subtle confidence that is the signature of Hafele Decorative Handles. Hand-finished first by Swarovski artisans, then by Hafele’s own, and with a stunning retro style, these unique pieces can add a dash of class to absolutely any project.

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