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LED Decking Lights

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LED Decking Lights are, as the name suggests, an outdoor lighting solution for use in constructions like decking. They are usually built into the floor of the deck and lie flush with the surface, and as such are reinforced to protect them from things that may fall on them, children or animals stepping on them, and other potential hazards.

As well as avoiding breakages, our LED decking lights have the unique attribute of weatherproof construction, guarding them against rain, ice and sunlight that would destroy other types of light or render them electrically unsafe.

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Why choose LED deck lighting?

LED decking lights are usually placed into the floors of decks around the edges to provide delineation of the edge when it is dark, or as a stylish aesthetic feature. They can be arranged in patterns on the decking, beneath other features that you wish to highlight, such as statues and planters, and along steps, stairs and additional levels of decking, creating a striking and very visible space that is equally safe, well-lit and stylish during the day or at night.

Some deck lighting comes with the bulb built into the rest of the device, keeping installation simple and strength of the light high, while other LED decking lights have a separate bulb, compromising slightly on strength, weatherproofing and ease of installation to make lights easier to replace, alter or otherwise customise.

The bulbs used in deck lighting tend to be of two possible types: conventional halogen bulbs and LED lights.

While conventional bulbs are superficially cheaper and more available, they have several downsides compared to LEDs; namely, they are far more liable to “blow” or burn out, requiring more frequent replacement. They also get very hot, making them unsuitable for use around children, dogs or other pets, and presenting a possible warping risk to your decking. Lastly, due to the heat they give out, they waste huge amounts of electricity, making them more expensive to run and more costly to the environment.

Energy efficient outside lights

By contrast, LED deck lighting is much cheaper to run, using far less electricity and requiring far less frequent replacement. Energy-efficient and hardy, LED decking lights are more resistant to adverse weather, including heavy rain and ice damage that can sink into and destroy conventional bulbs, even with weather-protection. LED bulbs also cause fewer issues with their mountings and surroundings, as they generate very little heat, so they are ideal for housing in wooden decking, particularly in cold conditions where a hot bulb could cause warping or accelerated wear to the wood of the deck. Finally, LED bulbs last for far longer than their conventional counterparts, resulting in far fewer trips to the shops to replace them and benefiting the environment, the deck, and your wallet.

Also unlike conventional lighting, these LED decking lights can be bought in a range of colours and styles, allowing tailoring of a light scheme and colour scheme to match the feel of a deck and garden, from subtle gold tones that cast warmth across the space, to brighter white lights that provide excellent illumination and expression of detail, fitting with a more modern, stark style. They can also be complemented by a wide variety of garden lights which can be used to illuminate flower beds for a more complete look.

Deck and garden illumination

The deck is the middle ground between the home and the garden, and so careful attention to its lighting is important. It can be tailored one way or the other – made to feel like part of the house or part of the garden, but ultimately it is neither. The deck is its own thing, and good, dedicated deck lighting will help it feel that way, creating a unique space to enjoy with guests or alone, in any weather. When it comes to outdoor lighting our high quality LED decking lights will help you achieve that without wasting money or time, and without warping the wood of the deck you’ve set them in, creating a truly one-of-a-kind space that friends and family will love.