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Gaming Lights (LED)

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Bring life to your set-up with Light Supplier’s range of LED gaming lights. 

The key to an immersive experience is ambience: surrounding yourself with the energising glow of gamer lights will enhance each mini-game, match or tournament you’re a part of. 

It's time to bring a new level of excitement to your gameplay: seasoned pros and casual gamers can strategically place our gaming desk LED lights around their set-up for a lighting experience tailored to the intensity of your game. 

Opt for simplicity and choose from our range of cool, natural or warm white lights. They’ll keep you alert during crucial moments and give your gaming set-up a sleek, minimalist feel. Or, take things further with our dazzling RGB gaming LED lights. 

Create pulsating patterns and rainbow colour transitions with our remote-controlled LED strip lights, ideal for personalising your gaming space to reflect the task at hand.  

Beyond aesthetics, our LED lights for gamers offer several practical purposes. They can help reduce eye strain during long gaming sessions by providing soft, ambient lighting that complements the screen's brightness.

Make your online sessions more enjoyable with Light Supplier’s LED gaming lights. Our cost-effective, long-lasting gaming room lights will elevate your gameplay beyond imagination.

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LED Strip Light Kit - 12V 60 LED
  • 1m LED Strip Light Kit - Cool White - Includes Driver & Accessory Pack
  • 5m LED Strip Light Kit - Cool White - Includes Driver & Accessory Pack
  • 10m LED Strip Light Kit - Cool White - Includes Driver & Accessory Pack
  • 1m LED Strip Light Kit - Natural White - Includes Driver & Accessory Pack
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15W COB Dotless RGB LED Tape
  • 1000mm COB Dotless RGB LED Tape
  • 2000mm COB Dotless RGB LED Tape
  • 3000mm COB Dotless RGB LED Tape
  • 4000mm COB Dotless RGB LED Tape
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IP65 Flexible COB LED Strip Light - 3M Reel
  • IP65 Flexible COB LED Strip 3M Reel - Warm White
  • IP65 Flexible COB LED Strip 3M Reel - Natural White


Gaming Light FAQs

Gaming LED lights are a type of decorative lighting used in gaming set-ups. 

They typically consist of LED strips or individual LED bulbs with colour-changing capabilities, pattern effects and dimness settings. These customisable features allow gamers to personalise their in-game lighting for a more immersive experience.

Gaming lights can be integrated into a set-up in many ways. To create the ultimate, visually stimulating environment, consider these common installation areas: 

  1. Behind or around the monitor: Placing LED lights behind or around the monitor can help reduce eye strain and add an ambient glow that matches the game's visuals.
  2. Along the edges of the desk: Attaching LED strips along the edges of the gaming desk can provide indirect lighting that enhances your room’s ambience. 
  3. Underneath the gaming desk: Installing LED strips underneath the desk can create a cool under-glow effect, giving the setup a futuristic and dynamic look.
  4. Behind gaming consoles or gaming PCs: Adding LED lights behind gaming consoles or PCs can make them stand out.

Around the gaming room: Don’t focus on just one area; decorate your entire room with gaming LED lights!

Yes, LED gaming lights are suitable for desks and monitors. In fact, these are the two most common locations for installation. They provide a glowing indirect light that can reduce eye strain during long gaming sessions. 

The best LED light colour for gaming depends largely on the individual, the game being played, and the time of day. However, Light Supplier can tell you some of the most popular options out there: 

  • RGB (Red, Green, Blue): RGB lighting allows gamers to create customised colour palettes. Optimise your lighting to the match or visuals at hand with these flexible LEDs. 
  • Blue: Blue light is often associated with a calm and relaxing ambience, which may be preferable for late-night gaming sessions.
  • Red: If you’re looking for intensity, red gaming LEDs will not disappoint. They’re a much-loved choice for action-packed matches or horror games where the pressure is on. 
  • Green: Green is vibrant and energetic, the perfect complement for games where the stakes aren’t too high. They’re especially suited for playing games with themes of nature or the outdoors. 

There are countless reasons why gamers like LED lights, including: 

  1. Personalisation: RGB lights offer unbeatable customisation. Colours can be mixed and combined to create palettes unique to different games. 
  2. Reduced eye strain: To perform their best during long sessions, gamers need their eyesight in tip-top condition. Luckily, the soft glow of gaming lighting can reduce the harshness of their monitor and make lengthier sessions more comfortable. 

Creativity: Creating a gaming set-up that’s unique to you is an exciting experience, and gaming LED lights are an excellent finishing touch.

Gaming LED lights themselves do not directly stimulate the brain in any significant way. However, they can influence the gaming environment, which may indirectly affect the brain's perception and mood. 

By adjusting the brightness and intensity to your comfort level, you can make your environment a more relaxing place to game in.