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LED Strip Lights

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LED Strip Lights are one of the most popular types of under cabinet lighting in the kitchen. With its ease of installation and high power saving efficiency adding to the popularity of this type of LED strips lighting.

We supply a wide range of LED light strips, from fully linkable mains powered strip lights to the flexible LED tape which can be tailored to the size required and can be used in a wide variety of different applications whether in the home or for commercial use.

If you have any questions regarding any of these LED strip lighting please don't hesitate to get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you.

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LED Strip Light Kit - 12V 60 LED
  • 1m LED Strip Light Kit - Cool White - Includes Driver & Accessory Pack
  • 5m LED Strip Light Kit - Cool White - Includes Driver & Accessory Pack
  • 10m LED Strip Light Kit - Cool White - Includes Driver & Accessory Pack
  • 1m LED Strip Light Kit - Natural White - Includes Driver & Accessory Pack
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15W COB Dotless RGB LED Tape
  • 1000mm COB Dotless RGB LED Tape
  • 2000mm COB Dotless RGB LED Tape
  • 3000mm COB Dotless RGB LED Tape
  • 4000mm COB Dotless RGB LED Tape
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LED Strip Lights UK

LED strip lights are an exciting and very popular way to light up your home! Strip lights have been trending due to how great they look and how low power usage. To add to the long list of benefits of using LED strip lights, there are options for indoor and outdoor usage. We have many LED strip lights to choose from that can cater to anyone’s needs.

Strip lights are easy to install, as all of our products come with IP tape. You can cut the LED strip lights down to size and stick them wherever you want!

You can save on power by deciding to buy LED strip lights as a light source, as they do not use much power or create as much heat as other options. This makes strip lights a cost and energy efficient option. LED lights use approximately 90% less electricity than other lighting options.

You can get creative with indoor LED strip lights, and place them anywhere in your home for more lighting and aesthetic purposes. For example, you can put them around a mirror in your home, place them under cabinets, around computer or TV screens or around your ceiling.

Outdoor strip lights can look great, you could place strips around railings, along pathways or on outdoor seating. However, you must ensure for safety reasons that the LED strip lights are waterproof and suitable for the outdoors.

Each LED strip light product varies in voltage, which determines its power. Also, each strip varies in length, although our strip lights can be cut down to size at home by you. Another feature to consider before you buy LED strip lights is whether or not you need it to be waterproof, which is a wise option if you will be placing the lights outside.

LED lights vary in colour, you can either have the strip lights set as a solid colour or a combination of colours. We have different options like multicoloured strip lights that can be controlled via remote control (which will come with the LED strip lights), you can change the lights to any colour combination you want! However, if you are looking for simpler strip lights we sell them in shades of cool, natural and warm white.

We have many different products to choose from such as the RGB Waterproof LED Tape, which can be used for any indoor setting, whether you want to add some colour to your kitchen or make your living room more exciting. With this tape, you can be very creative with the colour combinations as there are millions to choose from.

Additionally, we sell FLEXile LED strip lighting, which has specifically been designed to be bent around edges and curves. This strip light is a solid colour strip rather than diodes, so it has a different look from other products. It is available in cool, natural and warm white.

If you are having any difficulties when choosing which LED strip to go with or any queries, please get in touch and we will help you as soon as we can.

LED Strip Light FAQs

LED strip lights are a piece of tape with LED diodes placed an even distance from one another. Strip lights are an exciting way to light up your home or garden, they are multi-purpose and you can be as creative as you want with their usage as they are flexible, cuttable and you can buy them in different colours.

LED strip lights use around 90% less electricity than standard bulbs, making strip lights an energy efficient way to light up your home. LED strip lights come in different voltage levels, which determines their brightness. There are different features to each strip light, so you will be able to find a light that perfectly suits your needs.

You can cut LED strip lights down to the size that you desire. However, you must check on the specifications for what intervals you can cut the lights at. For example, a product that we offer is RGB Waterproof LED Tape, this product can be cut every 100mm. Whereas with the FLEXile LED strip lighting you can cut it every 20mm. Each product varies.

Another fact to keep in mind is that you can reconnect the cut down pieces back together if you want to move them to another place.

LED strip lights are easy to install and anyone can do it. Each product comes with self adhesive tape, so you can stick the lights anywhere you want once you have cut them down to size with ease.

The first step to installing LED strip lights is to take the measurements of where you want the LED strip to be installed with a tape measure. Then measure this length along the strip and mark where you want to cut with a pen or pencil.

We suggest that you test out the lights before sticking them down to ensure that they are working and to avoid the hassle of removing them if they are faulty. Once you have completed these steps you can stick down your LED strip and enjoy the lighting.

LED strip lights are a piece of tape with LED diodes attached to them. The light from the diodes is produced by electricity. Each strip has different sizes of chips, which are attached to the circuit board.

Each LED strip light is different in terms of brightness, which is determined by the lumen output. So the higher the output the brighter the light. Also, each LED strip light is a different colour, which can be changed via a remote provided with the strip.

LED strip lights can be used almost anywhere. You just need to find the right type for the purpose. If you are planning to use LED strip lights outdoors, you must check on the specifications that the strip lights can be used outdoors. Or if you are using the strip lights in a place where there may be water splashed on them, such as your bathroom or kitchen, you will need to check that the strip lights you are purchasing are waterproof.

Checking the specifications is important for safety reasons.