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Car LED Strip Lights

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Cruise in style with Light Supplier’s in-car LED light strips. Car customisation has never been so simple. 

We prioritise easy installation, so our car LED light strips can be placed on the dashboard, footwell, or inside the trunk of your vehicle to improve visibility without compromising aesthetics. 

Since their recent boom in popularity, Light Supplier’s car LED light strips collection has only expanded. Our sleek lighting accessories will give you total control over the ambience of your vehicle’s cabin. 

Motor enthusiasts can now purchase cool, natural or warm white car interior light strips, with or without visible diodes, for your visual preference. Get colourful with our RGB range, complete with convenient remote control. 

If you’re dressed to the nines for a special event, why shouldn’t your vehicle be too? Our LED light strips for cars come in various colours, brightness levels and lighting modes so you can match the mood of any occasion.

Not to mention, their energy-efficient LED technology will consume significantly less power than other lighting, so you don’t drain your vehicle's battery unnecessarily. 

Plus, you can forget about frequent replacements and maintenance: LED strip lights are renowned for their long lifespan, meaning you can enjoy their warming glow for countless hours.

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LED Strip Light Kit - 12V 60 LED
  • 1m LED Strip Light Kit - Cool White - Includes Driver & Accessory Pack
  • 5m LED Strip Light Kit - Cool White - Includes Driver & Accessory Pack
  • 10m LED Strip Light Kit - Cool White - Includes Driver & Accessory Pack
  • 1m LED Strip Light Kit - Natural White - Includes Driver & Accessory Pack
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15W COB Dotless RGB LED Tape
  • 1000mm COB Dotless RGB LED Tape
  • 2000mm COB Dotless RGB LED Tape
  • 3000mm COB Dotless RGB LED Tape
  • 4000mm COB Dotless RGB LED Tape
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IP65 Flexible COB LED Strip Light - 3M Reel
  • IP65 Flexible COB LED Strip 3M Reel - Warm White
  • IP65 Flexible COB LED Strip 3M Reel - Natural White


Car LED Light FAQs

Car LED lights are a low-cost way to decorate your vehicle’s interior. 

Place them in the trunk to maximise visibility, or stick them to your footwells for ambience. Stopping for a break on your road trip? Switch on your dashboard LEDs and watch as your car fills with light. 

As more drivers turn to car LEDs to deck out their ride, the diversity of our product line grows. Now, we stock high-quality white and RGB strip lights at prices that won’t break the bank. 

Opt for classic car strip lights, and allow each diode to shine its energy-efficient light into your vehicle. Or, if you’d prefer one consistent stream of light, choose our solid colour strip lights with no visible diodes. 

In the UK, LED lights for cars are legal as long as they adhere to specific regulations. 

For instance, while interior LED lights are generally permitted, they shouldn't be visible from the outside or distract the driver. Besides the red light, nothing should be shown from your car's back windscreen besides the red light. 

It's essential to check local regulations and ensure that installed LED lights do not contravene the law or pose a safety risk.

To get optimum use out of your car’s LED strip lights, there are several locations we recommend. Placing them under the dashboard will create ambience for all passengers, particularly the driver and front-seat passenger. 

Extend the glow by placing your strip lights under the two front seats. Then, all you need to do is remove the sticker covering the adhesive and place your lights in the most optimal position.

Yes, our car strip lights use the latest in LED technology. Designed to minimise energy consumption, LED lights can help you save on electricity costs without compromising visibility. 

You can enjoy the glow under your dash for longer without worrying about repairs or maintenance costs. LEDs are well-known for longevity, making any purchase with Light Supplier a long-term investment.

Car LED strip lights can make sitting in a stationary vehicle much more atmospheric. Create a private party on road trip pit stops: make searching through an organised trunk easier and give your passengers an unforgettable travel experience.

The only drawback of LED car lights is that they may distract other drivers. No specific law prohibits you from keeping your car interior light or strip lights while the vehicle is in motion; however, they could cause a glare that causes visual discomfort to others. 

We recommend only enjoying your car's LED strip lights in a stationary car.