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Cabinet Handles

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Welcome to our wide range of cabinet handles. We offer a complete range of the Hettich ProDecor handle collection in all shapes, finishes and sizes.

Whether you are seeking an ultra-modern or more traditional handle I am sure your you will find what you are looking for from within our cabinet handle collections.

To complement these handles we also offer a wide range of LED lighting and LED lighting solutions that will compliment your choice of handles.

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Bar and Rod Cabinet Handles

Sleek and modern, our bar and rod cabinet handles are the perfect meeting ground between the stylish and aesthetic, and the tactile and luxurious. Made to look and feel great, these modern, slim handles come in a variety of materials, and will put the perfect finishing touches on any cabinet.

Classic Cabinet Handles

Our classic cabinet handles offer a timeless and luxurious feel to any door or storage setup, with a wide variety of high-end materials and designs ranging from crystal to quality stitched leather and aged hardwood. Whatever your budget or needs, the classic cabinet handles range will have a classy, elegant solution for you.

Traditional Cabinet Handles

Our traditional cabinet handlesare made to inject a bit of vintage flair and class into any furniture piece. Made with only the best materials and shaped with precision and care, they are a timeless addition to any design.

Kitchen Cupboard Door Handles

Our kitchen cupboard door handles are, by necessity, a very versatile range, able to cater for the huge variety in kitchen design with ease. From rustic, wood-oriented kitchens to sleek stone-and-steel modern designs, there is a handle type for every taste in our kitchen cupboard range.