The UK's Leading LED Lighting Suppliers are a home improvement business as well as the leading UK supplier of under cabinet lightingLED downlights,  LED plinth lights, decking lights and GX53 lighting. We have been an established stockist and distributor of lighting, replacement handles and kitchen wirework for a number of years, whilst continually investing and developing our ranges to meet changing fashions.

Based in Merseyside and operating out of a 16,000sq ft site we have been able to develop these particular ranges into one of the most extensive and finest in the North West.

Wide Range of LED Lighting

LED lighting is modern technology that is both economical and usable for the general public. LED lighting provides bright lighting for any room including bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens.

All the products we offer, whether it be lighting, handles or kitchen wirework, are constructed from the highest quality materials and with technical and practical experience to give guaranteed quality and reliability.

As a UK light supplier, we differ from the usual home improvement, decor and DIY crowd in our dedication to our specialty. By focusing on LED lighting for homes and businesses, Lightsupplier has been able to provide a service that is second to none in the UK, collecting a range of incredible quality LED lights that are inexpensive to run, long-lasting, energy efficient, effective and stylistically beautiful.

We have been a registered and operating lighting supplier for over fifteen years, so you can count on us for experienced, reliable work and high-quality products. We pride ourselves on our range of goods and we promise to only supply lighting which meets our exacting standards – lighting that is effective, cost efficient, hardy, long-lasting and good looking.

Since we provide LED lighting, all our lights are energy-efficient and low in waste heat, making them a better alternative to traditional halogen and incandescent lights, which famously become very hot during use. Our LEDs use less energy and make sure more of their input is converted to light, making them better for the environment and better for your energy bills.

We also supply lights which last longer than conventional bulbs – LEDs don’t need to be replaced anywhere near as frequently, saving you money, time and frustration. Hardy and efficient, our LED lighting can be made to fit any style, whether that’s burnished copper pendant lighting that will help provide atmospheric lighting to a rustic, warm space; sleek, modern white lights for a contemporary aesthetic; or rugged, practical lighting for your garage or driveway.

Whatever your needs, we’re the lighting supplier for you. Our range includes both indoor and outdoor lights, lighting for atmosphere, accents and functionality, providing long-lasting and cost-effective lights to our customers. Whatever you need, Lightsupplier can help you.