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Pop Up Sockets

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When it comes to Pop Up Sockets, we have one of the widest selections and some of the lowest prices to choose from. Pop Up Electric Sockets are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners and interior designers. These Pop Up Sockets have become so popular due to their sleek design and space-saving quality, whether mounted in the worktop or under a cabinet. They are easily mounted and very quick to install and with the added USB port offer additional charging facilities to your mobile phones or tablets.

Ideal for:

  • Kitchens
  • Bedrooms
  • Living Room
  • Offices
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How to install a pop up socket at your home

First, choose the table or counter in which you would like to install a pop up socket, preferably one close to a power socket. From there you should cut out a 90mm to 92mm diameter hole through the work surface. There should be at least 25mm distance free between the hole for the unit to fit when it is closed. Once this is done you can insert the socket into the hole and lock it in place via a ring. The ring can be screwed in until it has gripped firmly to the surface. The cable can then be connected to the power supply.

Pop Up Socket FAQs

On the upper side of the ring which holds the socket into the hole is a small discreet silver handle. If you gently lift this up it will reveal the socket where you can plug in the charger for your phone, laptop, tablet, etc. There is a green stop/release button which can click the socket into place when it is lifted and release it when not in use. There is also a green light which confirms that the power socket is working.

In the technology era when every member of the family has their own mobile phone, tablet, laptop and more, the need for plug sockets around the house has greatly increased. With it comes untidiness and disorganisation, particularly from loose cables that are not in use. Pop up sockets allow a practical solution to your needs in a way that is neat and tidy. They are able to use anywhere in the home that is in reach of a power socket.