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LED Lights

Buying LED lights online is easy at Light Supplier. We have a vast range of lighting for every room, as well as outdoor lighting. We also have lighting which is suitable for a variety of commercial environments such as hospitals and schools – please call us for a bespoke quotation tailored to your needs.

If you cannot see the item that you’re looking for on our website, give our friendly team a call on 0151 546 0667, as our warehouse stocks a large range of products, so we may be able to trace the item for you.

Why Choose LED Lighting?

There are plenty of reasons why more people are opting for LED lighting over traditional types of lighting such as fluorescent and halogen bulbs. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call. LED lighting has plenty of advantages over other types of lighting, such as:

- Lifespan – LED bulbs can last for over 100,000 hours – or 11 years at full brightness – twenty times longer than incandescent bulbs.

- Efficiency – An incandescent bulb loses 80% of its energy to heat, leaving only 20% for light. In comparison, LED bulbs only lose 20% of their energy to heat, and only require around 10-20% of the power used by incandescent bulbs in order to operate at full brightness.

- Silent – LED bulbs are completely silent, so you’ll never have to hear a persistent humming noise again.

- Colour – LED bulbs are available in an array of different colours, so you can experiment and be creative.

- Safety – LED lighting runs cool to the touch, so there’s no risk of burnt fingers. They are also incredibly durable so there will be no shattered glass for you to deal with.

- Focused – The bulbs are designed to be focused without the use of any additional lenses, so you need less of them to get the same level of light.

- Dimmable – Whereas incandescent bulbs go yellow when they are dimmed, LEDs retain their colour so they look much better.

- Versatile – LEDs can be made in a variety of colours and shapes, and can be controlled using infrared remote controls.

- Instant light – LEDs reach their full brightness in a matter of seconds, making them a safer choice.

- Recyclable – LED bulbs do not contain mercury or any toxic materials, so they can be recycled, unlike fluorescent bulbs which must be treated as hazardous waste.

LED lighting is available in many different styles which are ideal for several rooms around the home. In the kitchen, you can use undercabinet lights to eliminate the shadows on worktops, and plinth lighting for a stylish touch underneath your units. In the dining room, a chic pendant light hanging over the table is a statement piece. For the bathroom, we have LED illuminated shelves.

For the living room, you can purchase a colour changing backlight for your television, and a floor lamp for those nights on the sofa reading. In the bedroom, we have reading lights. For outside, we have flood lights, driveway lights to help your guests see in the dark, and decking lights so that you can enjoy your garden well into the night.

Technical Assistance

Light Supplier stocks everything that you need for smooth installation of your new undercabinet lights. We have drivers, dimmers and sensors. Most of our lighting can be plugged into your mains supply, and it is a simple job for a competent DIYer.

We recommend that for any lighting which cannot be plugged into your existing supply, you should hire a qualified electrician. If you require any technical support, please call us on 0151 546 0667.

About Light Supplier

Light Supplier is an established stockist of LED lighting, based in Merseyside, UK. Thanks to our 16,000sq ft site and our extensive range of products, we are one of the best LED lighting suppliers in the UK.