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Lighting Tips And Tricks That Could Add Value To Your Home

Lighting Tips And Tricks That Could Add Value To Your Home

Date Published: November  24th, 2021

Looking to sell your home? Improving your lighting is one way of adding value to your property, and can prepare it for a quick sell. Think about it, lighting that looks warm and welcoming are often in homes we check the listings of. Not only this, but they make a home seem enjoyable to live in compared to static and cold lighting schemes. Below we have some lighting tips and tricks that add value to your home, as well as answers to questions such as does recessed lighting add value to a house? And does landscape lighting add value? Read on for more information. 

Add As Much Natural Light As Possible

One of the best selling points of a home is how much natural light it has. If your home benefits from this, then organise viewings at peak times of the day when it's the lightest in your home. If you haven’t taken professional photographs of your home yet, then aim to take these on a sunny and bright day as well. 

If you don’t have a lot of natural light in your home, you don’t need to worry. There are plenty of ways you can make the illusion of natural light, such as adding lighter colour palettes and curtains to your home decor and adding mirrors in unique places that amplify the natural light that does enter your home. 

Opt For Brighter Bulbs

Although warm white lighting is a great ambience, opting for white LED bulbs can really make your real estate photographs pop. They instantly brighten any room and tend to make shadows appear less intense, which is ideal for making spaces and rooms look bigger in images. 


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Layer Your Lighting 

Relying on a single pendant light in a room can create unnecessary shadows, which can make it look smaller and less welcoming to prospective buyers. Instead, try and layer your lighting with table lamps, floor lamps and wall sconces to create a lighting plan that illuminates the whole room or space. Alternatively, opt for accent lighting such as pictures lights to draw the eye away from less appealing spots in the room. 

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Invest In Smart Lighting

Lighting is ever-evolving in modern technology, and more buyers are looking for smart lighting solutions in their homes. Smart lighting can be controlled by a remote, Alexa or Google Home, and can really add a wow factor to your home. 

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Do You Need To Invest In New Lighting If You Are Selling Your House?

Lighting tends to be overlooked when it comes to selling a house. Although many believe that adding home decor is the answer, lighting can be a budget-friendly solution to sprucing it up before selling. Lighting can subtly be influenced by lighting solutions, so it’s important to include a lighting plan if you wish to add value to your home. 

Does Recessed Lighting Add Value To A House?

When done well, recessed lighting can add excellent value to your home. Opt for white LED bulbs to enhance your space. 

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Does Landscape Lighting Add Value? 

Garden lighting can often be the first thing a potential buyer sees when visiting your home for a viewing. Having downlights in your landscape is a sure-fire way to grab their attention and make your home memorable.  

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