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9 Ways to Add Style & Value to Your Kitchen

9 Ways to Add Style & Value to Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the hub of the home, it’s likely you’ll be spending a lot of time in there and it’s one of the biggest drawers for potential buyers if you were ever to sell it. Adding style and value to your kitchen doesn’t need to be extremely expensive or take that much time and effort. 

Here we’ve rounded up our best advice on how you add style and value to your kitchen without having to re-do the whole thing. 

Invest in the small changes that can make a big difference and reap the rewards whether you’re planning on selling your home, or would just like a stylish refresh for a space that you use all of the time. 

1. Update the backsplash 

A more cost-effective way of updating your kitchen, rather than replacing the whole thing, is to update your backsplash. There are numerous options on the market to help add value and style to the kitchen helping to keep it looking fresh. Make it an extension of your worktops with matching material, or choose a glass splashback for an ultra-modern look. 

2. Effective lighting 

Installing effective lighting in the kitchen can be beneficial to making the space look bigger than it is. Bringing in as much natural light as possible is the best starting point, but then you can add in additional lighting that can trick the eye. Think about things like under-cupboard lighting to help light up countertops, use lighting inside glass cupboards to highlight the things you have on show, strip lighting is another effective way of adding a consistent new stream of light and can be ideal if you’ve just installed a new backsplash and want to drawer the eyes to that. 

3. Neutral colours 

Whilst bold colours are certainly having a moment in kitchens, keeping the colour of the kitchen neutral is the best way to add value and appeal to a widespread taste if you’re looking to sell your home. 

Neutral kitchen colours are the perfect blank canvas, but it doesn’t mean you have to shy away from colour. Add in pops of colour by painting a feature wall, buy small appliances in colour, or use colour on chairs. All of these are smaller ways to add colour and can be cheaper to replace if you change your mind a year down the line. 

4. Up the storage space 

Plenty of storage space is a must for a well-designed kitchen. If adding in extra cabinets is not in your budget, or you simply don’t have the space for them, you might want to consider shelving in your kitchen. They can be a great way to add extra storage, but can look stylish too, add in baskets if you don’t want it to look too cluttered. 

5. Add an island 

If your kitchen allows for it, installing an island is a perfect way of adding value to your kitchen. Plus adding an island gives you a huge amount of storage space too. 

6. Glass cabinets 

If you’re looking to add style to your kitchen, then you might consider replacing a cabinet door with a glass front as a way of showing off your favourite serving pieces, glassware or china. Add in cupboard lighting to really show off the pieces you’re proud of and make a stylish statement in your kitchen. 

7. Update appliances 

Whilst they can be expensive to replace, updating the appliances in your kitchen can really add value to the space. Slide and hide oven doors, large double-door fridge/freezers, inbuilt microwaves, there are plenty of stylish and modern options on the market that can add a real touch of elegance to your home. 

8. Install a modern tap 

Taps have been given a makeover with hot water designs, three-in-one taps and more ultra-modern designs on the market than ever before. Give your kitchen a new lease of life with the installation of a modern tap. 

9. Update handles 

How old are the handles on your kitchen cabinets? It might be time to update and replace them. This quick and easy design change can make a big impact on the overall look of your kitchen with plenty of sleek and stylish options to choose from. You could switch the metal colour to give your kitchen a whole new look, or go for a design that’s more ornate than your current handles to add character to the space. 

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