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15 Key Kitchen Trends to Follow in 2022

15 Key Kitchen Trends to Follow in 2022

If you’ve got a kitchen renovation project upcoming in 2022, you can get ahead of the curve now and start making some design choices ahead of time. 

There are plenty of considerations to make when it comes to designing a perfect kitchen, so we’re here to help you along the way and ensure that you get everything you need from the space, whilst also being on-trend and stylish at every corner too. 

A new kitchen is certainly an investment, so you want to ensure that you design something that’s going to last and stand the test of time, looking as stylish as it does now and then at least ten years down the line too. 

These latest kitchen trends and innovations for 2022 will help ensure that your kitchen is current, all the while being exactly what you need for your lifestyle. 

1. Boldly-coloured kitchen cabinets 

We’ve seen this trend around for some time now, with navy being at the forefront when it comes to a bold and dark colour used for kitchen cabinets, but next year the colours that will become more prominent are forest green, burgundy and even black cabinets. Whether used as an accent colour in an island, or across the whole kitchen cabinetry, dark colours add depth and warmth to a kitchen. 

As well as jewel-toned greens, there will also be a rise in earthy and mid-toned shades of green too. 

Handless and Shaker-style kitchens are still the most popular style choices, but more and more colour is being injected into our kitchen designs. 

If you’re considering going really statement with a black kitchen, then contrast it beautifully with some wood effects dispersed throughout. 

2. Smart storage

This really all comes down to clever design that utilises the space you have. Keeping your kitchen de-cluttered can be a hard task when there are so many things we need in there, from food to the equipment. 

Consider where you’ll place certain things, so you have the best access to them, such as a pan drawer that’s right next to the oven. Or even vertical storage space for oven trays can make a big difference to how you use your kitchen. 

If you have the space to go high with your cabinets, make the most of it. If you really want to conceal all your appliances, an opening larder unit might just be the thing you need. 

3. Woodgrains

The organic and naturally-occurring beauty of woodgrain are two of its biggest drawers, the fact that it’s a sustainable material is another huge plus. You can try wood in numerous places such as on cabinets, surfaces, floors and walls. It’s a great way of adding depth to the space and real warmth to the area too. 

4. Herringbone floors

Another trend from this year that’s set to continue into 2022 is parquet and herringbone flooring in the kitchen. There are many different types of this flooring that you can consider, depending on your budget. Herringbone flooring is great for adding depth and texture to the room, especially if you keep the design of the kitchen simple and pared back. 

5. Secondhand kitchens

Another great way you can help the environment is by shopping for a second-hand kitchen. The market for used kitchens is continually growing, with pristine options available there’s no reason you shouldn’t consider a used kitchen, especially when you can get an unrivalled price for something that’s practically new. 

6. Glossy tiled backsplash 

Tiled kitchen splashbacks are something that we’ve seen around for years, but there’s a new demand for glossy finishes rather than matte designs. What makes the glossy tiles great is that they’re really easy to clean, but they’re a great way of reflecting light around the kitchen, so it makes the space feel bigger. 

7. Single open shelves

Another way of incorporating woodgrain in your kitchen could be the installation of a single open shelf. Plus, it makes a great way to add in some extra storage if you’re short of cabinet space. 

Open shelves are a great way of breaking up cabinets, as well as giving you the option to add some styling to the kitchen area, showing off your favourite glasses or china. 

8. Broken plan living 

Opening-plan living has become the must-have for homes across the country. But it seems we’re considering closing it back up for 2022 with broken plan living becoming the ideal choice. 

Whilst this doesn’t mean erecting walls in open areas, it allows you to maintain an open-living room whilst zoning off areas for a particular use. Such things like glass partitions for office areas, or disappearing pocket doors to allow you to close off an area if needed. 

9. Statement kitchen lighting 

Lighting should not be an afterthought when it comes to kitchen design. It’s an important element of the space and can really make or break a kitchen design. Kitchen lighting needs to be practical, but it should also make a statement. Thankfully, statement lighting is a big design trend for kitchens in 2022 with bright and bold designs, metallic finishes and eye-catching elements all at the forefront. 

10. Mesh cabinets

Whilst glass-fronted cabinets have become more and more popular in recent years as a way of adding a design element and breaking up cabinets in the kitchen, for 2022 it’s all about mesh cabinet doors. This is a fun way to break up a wall full of cabinets, and it also gives you the chance to show off some of your favourite serving pieces. 

11. Gold touches

Luxury metal touches in the kitchen have been around for a while, with copper and then brass being the first choices, now gold handles and taps will stand at the forefront, it makes a great choice when contrasted with cranberry or dark green cabinets. 

12. Handleless designs 

Free-flowing, simply designed kitchens are going to become more and more popular for 2022, with push-back designs and recessed handles standing at the forefront. It’s all about keeping things simple with a focus on cabinet details. 

13. Antique glass 

Antique and smoked glass is a growing trend that we’re set to see more of in the new year. Used as a backsplash or as a backdrop on open shelving, it’s a great decorative design touch to add to the kitchen area. Smoked glass is a beautiful way of giving your kitchen an added vintage vibe with a unique look. 

14. Larders and pantries 

Like we mentioned above it’s all about smart storage solutions when it comes to kitchen design in 2022 and this means that larders and pantries are becoming must-haves for new kitchen designs. Pantries are great for practicality, allowing for all of your food storage in one space, rather than spread around multiple cabinets. Larders are great for those who like to keep kitchen surfaces clutter-free, hide it all away in a fold-out larder top unit. 

15. Marble surfaces

Versatile, natural and simply beautiful. Marble is a big trend for kitchen surfaces, and it has been for a while. If you’re looking for a 2022 update on the ever-popular marble then look to the colourful options to really make a statement in your new kitchen design.

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