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Basement Lighting Ideas

Basement Lighting Ideas

Date Published: November 4th, 2021

Basements might not be widely popular in the UK, but as it’s becoming favoured to expand the homes we live in rather than moving somewhere bigger, going underground is the only option for those with limited ground space.
Whether you’re home already has a basement or cellar type space, or you’re having one built-in, getting the right lighting is imperative for these areas. Going underground is obviously dark, so you want to ensure that the space is well lit with comfortable lighting that looks stylish too.
Here we share our tips for the best basement lighting ideas to give you an idea of what choices you have to make, as well as some basement office lighting ideas in case that’s what you intend to use the space for.

Basement Lighting Ideas - Types of Lighting

General lighting - This is needed to ensure that you can move safely around the space without hurting yourself. The amount of lighting you’ll need depends on the size of the basement you have.
Task lighting - This lighting is used to build on the general lighting you have installed. Task lighting is a more focused light source such as a reading lamp. Depending on what you’re using your basement for, you might need task lighting in areas where you’ll be working down there, at a desk, around washing machines, at a bar, etc.
Accent lighting - This lighting will again depend on what you’re using your basement for. This lighting is great for adding interesting elements to your space. It helps to create depth in a room, so if you’re using it for entertaining or relaxing you’ll want to ensure that accent lighting is something that you consider too.

Basement Lighting Ideas - All The Tips You Need

Natural Lighting

Walk-out basements will obviously get plenty of natural lighting, and you’ll want to capitalise on that if you have it with full-length windows and bi-fold or French doors. You’ll of course need to supplement the natural lighting for the evening time, so carry on for those tips.

Keep It Simple

A great style of lighting that you’ll time and time again in basements is spotlights. These simple lights won’t take up much space, they can be used all over the ceiling and provide a decent amount of brightness. Spotlights are simple but stylish, making them a great option for basements.


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Install Some Track Lights

Another great option for basement lighting ideas is track lights. They can add an interesting element to the space, and still provide plenty of general lighting in the dark area.

Pilatus Modern LED Ceiling Track Spotlights

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How Low Can You Go?

Pendant lighting is a great way to add a style element to your basement, but typically they have low ceilings, so you’ll have to measure whether or not pendant lighting is an option for you and your space.
If you’re installing pendant lights in your basement, the best way to ensure that they provide plenty of light is to buy clear shades that don’t obstruct the brightness from the bulb.

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Sconce It Up

Sconce lighting placed high on the wall can help to give the look of higher ceilings, so they’re great for basement lighting ideas. This type of lighting is great for adding a design feature to the space too.

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Light Your Stairs

Don’t forget about lighting the stairs that lead down to the basement. LED strip lights installed on each stair add an interesting element, as well as provide guidance for down the steps.

Highlight Ceiling Features

If you’ve managed to create a ceiling with recessed or built out features, highlight those with strip lighting. Not only does it show off the beautiful architectural design element, but it provides plenty of functional lighting too.

Basement Office Lighting Ideas

If you’re utilising your basement space for a home office, then you’ll want to ensure that it’s well lit with task lighting. Wall lights will illuminate the area beautifully, or you can use lamps to add light where it’s needed. Pendant lighting can be another great way to illuminate basement offices, but you’ll have to make sure that the light doesn’t hang too low to distract you from work. 

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