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Utility Room Lighting Ideas

Utility Room Lighting Ideas

Date Published: September 29th, 2021

The laundry room, or utility room as it is sometimes called, is usually one of the last to be renovated in our homes. We tend to see them as spaces reserved for housework, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be spruced up or renovated to a standard that you can enjoy when doing your chores. There are many different ways to spruce up your utility space, and one of them is by designing a lighting scheme. But which is the best lighting for a utility room?  

Don’t overlook the importance of a great lighting scheme, especially in areas of the house (such as the utility room) that are often used a lot. Although they’re usually hidden away, a utility room should be welcoming as well as practical, which is why adopting the best lighting schemes can boost the room and your mood. Below are some utility room lighting ideas. 

Under Cabinet Lighting 

Sometimes, utility room ceiling lights can be harsh, especially when paired with bright white LED lighting. Opting for under cabinet lighting is a great way to avoid this, as they can be hidden away under cabinets, and leave the room with a great glow for you to work in. 

Modica LED Under Cabinet Surface Mounted Light: Price From £41.87

Long Ceiling Lights 

Instead of opting for a pendant lamp for your utility room ceiling lights, why not try a fixture that has a long width? These lights can span the entire utility room and can light up even the darkest of corners. They work with a range of interior design styles and aesthetics, and when paired with warm bulbs can create a welcoming glow in your laundry space. 

Nimes Six Head Contemporary Ceiling Spotlights: Price From £47.90

Industrial Lighting  

If your style is industrial, then choosing industrial style lamps and lighting fixtures is one of the best utility room lighting ideas. Here at Light Supplier, we offer a range of industrial style lamps and fixtures that can do the trick, such as our Gotham 6 Light Fixture, which comes in an antique silver finish and six stunning pendant lights. 

Gotham 6 Light Drop Industrial Pendant Lighting: Price From £158.63


Recessed Lighting 

Looking for something simple in your utility room? Then recessed lighting could be the perfect solution for you. They add direct lighting for tasks and are available in a range of styles and mounts. When installed with a dimmer, you get to choose which lighting style best suits your needs, and they can be placed anywhere you wish in the room. They should be installed by a professional electrician, but you can find a range of recessed lighting on our website.

Capella 240V Mains Recessed Downlights: Price From £11.34

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