LED Pendant Lights

Our range of LED pendant lights has been carefully put together from the ranges of a number of designers, providers and artisans, making sure that every light is a beautiful design piece in its own right.

Making use of pendant lights may be a stylish and artistic way to provide illumination without the obtrusive bulk of other light styles, but that doesn’t make them invisible. They are able to fit into any style of decor, from sleek, modern and contemporary design to comfortable and cosy rustic spaces or traditional and formal rooms.

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Modern & Vintage LED Pendant Lighting Solutions

LED Light BulbWe believe that light is the quintessential element to interior design and the key to successful lighting is perfecting the blend of ambient, task and accent lighting. Regardless of the style you choose, however, the Lightsupplier domestic and industrial lighting solutions will provide an energy-efficient option that is cost-effective, long-lasting and safe.

To help you create this balance we have brought together a collection of stunning bathroom pendant lighting as well as amazing centrepiece pendant lights for bedrooms and kitchens. Using the latest lighting technology, including OSRAM LED, our collection creates perfect ambient light for any room.

What's more, each light in this collection is a beautifully crafted design piece in its own right. Some lights epitomise current trends using contemporary materials such as copper and glass; others are timeless classics that will grace any interior.

Using pendant lights is a particularly beautiful way to light a room and create ambience, able to light a space with diffuse, atmospheric lighting, or highlighting a specific feature of a room in a way that is subtle and unobtrusive.