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Flexible LED Strip Lights

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Flexible LED strip lights are a fantastic choice for lighting up your home, as they are flexible, durable, visually aesthetic and have endless possibilities on how you can use them. So whether you are looking for a lighting solution for your home or office, then we have got you covered.

Flexible LED strips can be used in small or hard-to-reach spaces, as the strips are quite thin and can be altered to any shape or size. This is handy if you want to get creative with the strip lights. You can cut the lights to length, or ask us to do it, and if you change your mind then you can reattach the lights together again to create something new! The versatility is one of the main benefits of LED strip lights.

The possibilities are endless of flexible light strips. You can stick them around a mirror, TV, gaming set up, cupboards and this is just to name a few. Once you get bored of them in one place, then you can switch it to another. LED strip lights last for many years, as they are extremely energy efficient. So, you have many years worth of use out of them. Strip lights are a great investment!

We have various styles available, so regardless of your style preferences, we have got something for you. For example, we sell a product called 24V 9.6W CCT 120 Diode LED Flexible Tape, which is controlled via remote control and can change between the colours of warm and cool white. Another option that we have is called Fully Bendable FLEXile IP68 LED Strip Lighting, and this only has one colour option (either warm, cool or natural white) and it can be dimmed.

LED strip light comes in different colours. So, if you are looking to add a pop of colour to your home or office, then RGB lights are the answer for you. Or, if you want something more simple, then our cool or warm white options might be better suited for you.

LED strip lights are very energy-efficient, as they use 90% less electricity than other light sources. This allows the strip lights to have a longer lifetime than other light sources, and they typically last up to 40 times longer too. This makes them a cost-effective option, as your electricity bills will decrease and you will not have to regularly replace the strip lights.

At Light Supplier, we are happy to help you out with any lighting needs you might have. So, if there is a particular length that you need your LED strip light to be, then get in touch with us. We are happy to supply bespoke LED tape and strips for our customers. Alternatively, if you have any other queries about LED lights, then give us a call or email, and we will help you out.

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LED Strip Light Kit - 12V 60 LED
  • 1m LED Strip Light Kit - Cool White - Includes Driver & Accessory Pack
  • 5m LED Strip Light Kit - Cool White - Includes Driver & Accessory Pack
  • 10m LED Strip Light Kit - Cool White - Includes Driver & Accessory Pack
  • 1m LED Strip Light Kit - Natural White - Includes Driver & Accessory Pack
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15W COB Dotless RGB LED Tape
  • 1000mm COB Dotless RGB LED Tape
  • 2000mm COB Dotless RGB LED Tape
  • 3000mm COB Dotless RGB LED Tape
  • 4000mm COB Dotless RGB LED Tape
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A number of these versatile lights can be fixed to the same surface or employed alone for a gentler, softer light. Our flexible led strip lighting solutions are available in a colour-changing variant as well, which is just as flexible and perfect for use in more challenging areas.

Flexible LED strip lighting lies almost completely flush with the surface it is mounted on, so it wins out against:

a) Standard strip lights for flexibility

b) LED spotlights for a long luminous surface

c) Slim, low profile and recessed bulbs for all-around lighting potential.

We offer these LED strip lights in a number of different varieties such as standard or IP65-rated LED tape, as well as 60 - 120 diode, LED tape. The choice between single-colour and RGB colour-changing LED lights is yours.

The flexible LED strip lighting also makes for excellent plinth lights. Check out our LED Plinth Lighting section to see the full range.