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RGB Strip Lights

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We offer both water-resistant and standard RGB strip lights at affordable prices. Our IP65 rated colour changing strip lights are available in lengths of up to 6 meters and are capable of producing millions of different colour combinations. You'll get 30 LEDs for every meter and the strip can be cut every 100mm. If you need something even more flexible, we have linkable RGB strip lights that come in lengths from just 50mm. These can be easily connected to each other with no welding required.

The most common use for our colour changing strip lights is under kitchen cabinets or as backlights for TVs. Whatever the application, you can easily control them with a remote control or your phone using a Wi-Fi module (sold separately).

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Our RGB strip lights run on 12V and come with a strong adhesive. We also supply LED drivers which can be used to connect several strips together and operate the whole assembly. With an average lifespan of 30,000 (for our linkable variant) to 50,000 hours, our colour changing strip lights will outlast most conventional types of lighting available on the market. Despite being extremely energy-efficient, the LEDs are also very bright - enough to illuminate any room sufficiently.