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Cosy Lighting Ideas for This Christmas

Cosy Lighting Ideas for This Christmas


Winter is well and truly here, and with such cold, dark conditions outside, there's nothing lovelier than coming in to a warmly-lit, cosy space to warm up and dry off!

That's why we're making an effort to help everyone get the lighting of their cosy retreats perfect, to create the warmest, most welcoming environment to snuggle up in against the cold.

If you're looking for a few tips on creating the warmest, most comfortable lighting in your winter retreat, you've come to the right place!

1. Paint in warm colours or use wood for surfaces

Warm colours like deep reds, golds, browns, creams and ivories are an excellent way to make the most of your lighting and create a cosy atmosphere. Similarly, try to use matt paints rather than gloss, to create a rosy glow and avoid the impression of cold, shiny surfaces.

Wood is also an excellent choice for furnishings, flooring and panelling when creating a cosy feel for a room. The colours, textures and patterns of wood help invoke feelings of shelter and warmth on a primal level, and when softly lit will create a cosy hideaway or warm living space that is impossible to beat.

2. Keep decoration simple and rustic for best results

A space that is cosy and comfortable is often simply decorated, sacrificing stark contemporary decoration for a simpler, more rustic feel. There's a reason that the word "cosy" invokes images of little secluded cottages and not sleek, corporate offices. Keep your decorations low-key and experiment with vintage themes until you find something perfect for you.

3. Make good use of lighting

This is where Lightsupplier really shines (pun absolutely intended). Making use of layered lighting will give you exactly the kind of welcoming illumination you're after, and can really transform a room into a haven from the cold.

First off, avoid harsh lighting or anything overly bright. Putting our LED lights on a dimmer will allow you perfect control over the lighting, and can let you dim it down to a warm glow whenever needed.

Recessed lighting, wall sconces, under-cabinet lighting and spotlighting can all play a part in creating a perfect lighting solution for your wintery needs. Using indirect light can be the best way to set a warm, cosy mood, so our under-shelf lighting and spotlights can be particularly useful - the indirect use of light coming from within a bookshelf, for example, can be the perfect way to get a room feeling snug and inviting.

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