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5 Tips To Modernise Your Kitchen On A Budget

5 Tips To Modernise Your Kitchen On A Budget


The kitchen is one of the most commonly used rooms in a modern home. If you are considering renovating your house, it is therefore arguably the perfect place to start. Thankfully, bringing your kitchen into the 21st century is very simple - and it can also be achieved on a budget. Here are some of our make-over tips to modernise your kitchen:

1. Change the colour scheme with a paint job

One of the quickest and easiest ways you can upgrade your kitchen or bathroom during a renovation is by changing the colour scheme with a paint job. Some of the most popular colour schemes for a modern kitchen include cool and inviting shades such as cream or pale greens and blues. Ensure you don't get bright colours as this will look too busy.

2. Purchase some new kitchen cabinets for the room

Kitchen cabinets are generally one of the first items in a kitchen that will require replacing. As they are used almost every day they are quick to sustain wear-and-tear or stains. If you are renovating the room you should certainly consider investing in some new cabinets. For a modern home, you might wish to think about stainless steel cabinets or lacquered cabinets, for instance.

3. Install under-cabinet lighting

Once you have the perfect cabinets for your kitchen you might wish to consider fitting under-cabinet lighting on some of them. These lights are perfect for cabinets fitted to the wall and illuminate the side-boards underneath them. They are not only practical, providing light to areas it might not normally reach and allowing you to prepare food easier, they are stylish too. The low-level lighting offers a modern touch to the kitchen.

4. New flooring can change the entire tone of a room

There are many things that need to be considered when you are installing a new floor for your kitchen. You will want one that is easily cleaned of inevitable spillages, slip resistant for when water drips onto the floor from the sink and is comfortable underfoot when you are walking around to use the various appliances. However, the right kitchen flooring can also change the aesthetic of a room. Depending on the style you are going for you might consider porcelain tiles, natural stone or wood flooring.

5. Keep it tidy for a minimalist look

The most popular trend for modern kitchens is a minimalist look. Aside from a few design tweaks, this can be achieved best by simply spending a day re-organising your kitchen - throwing out the stuff you don't need, making more space and moving the items you might normally have on display into cupboards or cabinets out of the way. This will tidy the room and help you easily achieve this fashionable minimalism.

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