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Light Up Your Garden With LED Lights

Light Up Your Garden With LED Lights


Your garden is just as important as your home when it comes to lighting. A little bit of light during the night time can go a long way. You can use it to focus on the best features of your garden, as well as using the darkness to mask any bits that you don’t like.

The best way to light up your garden is by using LED lights. If you use spiked fittings, you can then change the position of them to suit the different seasons, as well as planting growth in the summer.  Designers recommend that you go for a high quality white LED light throughout, which will reduce your energy bills and keep maintenance costs down. You can also use a dimmer switch to control any lighting that is in close proximity to the house. You could also try something more stylish and modern like installing flexible LED lights around the perimeter of the garden, or areas of your garden such as a pond or garden wall.

Light Supplier has a fantastic range of outdoor LED lighting. The company works hard to select the highest performance, yet incredibly energy efficient lights for a range of functions. You can choose from LED lights for your walls, floodlighting, spike fittings or lights specifically for pieces of decking. You can even use LED lights to light up your driveway with walkway lights. All of Light Supplier’s selection of lights are made up of quality features such as stainless steel covers, long life bulbs which will last up to 30,000 hours and are available in different finishes such as silver or black, as well as in either white or blue bulbs.

Light Supplier LED wall lights are also perfect for outdoor use due to their anti-weathering benefits. They are ideal for installing in public areas, such as parks or centres, where health and safety is paramount.

If you are unsure which LED lights would best suit your needs, give Light Supplier a call and the team will be happy to help you find the best solutions for your budget. 

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