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How To Install The Best Vlog Lighting Setup

How To Install The Best Vlog Lighting Setup

Date Published: March 15th, 2021

So you have your microphone, camera and desk set up for your vlogging journey, now all you need is to ensure that you have the right lighting equipment to illuminate you and your surroundings.

Although many YouTubers utilise natural lighting for their videos, relying on daylight for your vlog lighting setup can limit the time you have to record. It can also cause inconsistencies in your video if there is cloud coverage, and you may find that the lighting in your video is uneven due to light intensity.

If you want the freedom to record whenever you want, then your best option is to invest in a vlog lighting setup that gets the job done. Our guide below will also help you choose the best type of lighting for vlogging.

The Best Vlog Lighting Setup

There are three popular lighting setups for vlogging in 2021. They range in price, and can help to produce clear and visually engaging videos for your fans and followers. Many vloggers use studio lighting, and this is a great option for beginners as it is also cost effective. This is as efficient as more expensive vlog lighting setups, and it’s relatively easy to install. Below we outline the three most popular setups and how to use them.

Softbox Lighting

Softbox lighting works by emulating natural light that would come from a window or an open space. It produces a broad coverage that minimises shadows and can be altered for personal preferences. Softbox lighting comes in square shapes as standard, but you can find it in long strips and other shapes too.

Even using one softbox at a 45 degree angle can help to illuminate your space, and they’re installed easily with a standard plug and 500-watt or 1000-watt quartz halogen lamps. Not many products vary from this but be sure to read the instructions before plugging in.

softbox lights

Ring Lighting

Ring lighting is one of the most popular light sources for vloggers, and provides a general flattering light source for the scene you’re filming. It can eliminate shadows and provides a vibrant light source. This vlog lighting setup is ideal for people who film make-up tutorials and close up videos. To install this type of lighting, simply plug it in and switch it on!

ring light

Umbrella Lighting

Great for indoor vlogging, umbrella lights are a convenient portable option compared to the softbox, and provide a more controlled and targeted light source for vloggers. They have a reflective inner surface which ensures that the light hits the target space softly and is great for subdued lighting in professional vlog videos. Installed much in the same way as those mentioned above, umbrella lighting can be a bit more costly, but worth it in the long run.

umbrella light

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