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How To Choose The Best Desk Light

How To Choose The Best Desk Light

Date Published: April 10th, 2021

Although many of us will soon be heading back to the office, some have found working from home the key to success when it comes to their profession. You may have changed the function of a second bedroom into an office or commissioned a corner of the room to be a makeshift study. No matter how you’re working from home, lighting plays a key role. It’s the key element to a great working environment and can influence productivity, mood and more. So, do you have the right desk lighting setup? It helps to do some research before making a purchase, which is why we’ve put together a guide on how to choose the best desk light. Whether you want to make your space more practical or aesthetically pleasing, we have you covered.

Why do we use desk lighting?

Desk lighting can be used for a number of reasons. One of the most common is as task lighting, so highlighting a desk or working space. Desk lights can also be used as accent or ambient lighting to improve your decor and overall room aesthetic.

How to choose the best desk light

If your desk light will be used for task lighting, then you should take into consideration the following:

Your workspace

Would your workspace benefit from a taller lamp to reach a larger desk surface area? Or do you only need something small to highlight a laptop or computer? Depending on your line of work, you may only need a desk light that spotlights one area instead of the whole desk. 


Consider if you need something flexible or dimmable depending on the task you’re working on. Do you need a desk light that’s adjustable or just something that can simply highlight a working space?


Whether you’re looking for warm white lighting or something bright to clearly highlight the desk, consider your options before purchasing. We offer a range of bulbs in a number of colours that you can choose from. Check them out here

Before you buy 

Before you set out to find the best desk light, it’s important that you plan out your home office in order to accommodate your lighting solution. Do you have enough space for a desk light? Is there somewhere to plug it in? You should also consider whether the desk light you like suits your current decor and lighting setup. This will help when installing your light, and will prevent any nasty surprises (such as the bulb colour not complementing your room).

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