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4 Sustainable Lighting Ideas

4 Sustainable Lighting Ideas

Date Published: April 17th, 2021

These days, it’s important to consider the ways in which we as individuals can help the environment. At Light Supplier, it’s something we think about when it comes to the products we stock and the packaging we use. But how sustainable can you be when it comes to lighting? Below are a few ways in which you can help the environment when it comes to your lighting scheme.

Use sustainable lighting materials

For example, when picking out lamp shades for your home, consider materials such as raffa, which is not only eco-friendly but also great for the environment. It’s known as green fibre and grows fast. It’s also biodegradable and keeps your carbon footprint low. Raffa is also highly durable and versatile, meaning that you can use it in a range of styles, colours and aesthetics with ease. If you don’t like the look or feel of this material, you can also utilise other sustainable materials such as jute or parchment.

Utilise energy-efficient LED light bulbs

Although they’re not new by any means, LED light bulbs are still one of the most efficient ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Incandescent bulbs waste more energy and are around 90% less efficient than LED energy-saving bulbs. Bulbs that are LED can also last around 25 years and now come in a variety of different styles, colours and compatibility with smart devices such as Alexa and Google Home. In the market for LED energy-saving bulbs? Take a look at our range here.

Choose a lighting design that’s smart

Sometimes, the way you lay out your lighting scheme can make the world of difference when it comes to being energy efficient and reducing your carbon footprint. For example, installing a dimmer switch alongside your lighting fixtures will allow you to reduce the amount of electricity you use by reducing the amount of light your fixture puts out. So when you’re winding down after a stressful day, simply dimming your lights will allow you to save energy and the environment.

Please note: if you are installing a dimmer switch, we recommend talking to a licensed electrician before doing it yourself.

Choose well-made lighting fixtures

If you’re researching ways in which to decorate your home with great lighting, one way you can ensure that you choose sustainable lighting options is to opt for timeless fixtures that will suit a range of styles. This could include glass pendant lights, stainless steel installations or simple recessed lighting. These options will stand the test of time in the interior design world, so opt for these to ensure a sustainable lighting plan in your home.

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