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The Advantages of LED Lighting for Businesses

The Advantages of LED Lighting for Businesses


If you are a business owner and you haven't already made the switch to LED lighting, you could be missing out on some serious energy and financial savings. Lighting can account for anywhere between 20-40% of your energy bill, so making your lighting more energy efficient will help to cut costs. LEDs consume around 80% less electricity than incandescent bulbs, and they switch on instantly unlike fluorescent lights. 

About LEDs

LEDs pass their electrons through a semiconductor, so there is no filament to wear out. This means that the bulb is not hot to the touch and is unlikely to shatter or break. The light that LEDs give off can vary in colour, depending on your preference. 

The Current Market for LEDs

LED lights are currently used in many commercial situations, and in the design of many products such as cars and planes. The lights are incredibly versatile; they are bright enough to illuminate roads and pathways, and small enough to be inserted in clothing. LEDs are regularly used in medical situations and in televisions. 

Advantages of LEDs

Here are some of the advantages of using LED bulbs:

  • More attractive
  • Energy efficient
  • Cost-effective
  • Durable
  • A lifespan of 50,000 hours with some models going up to 70,000 hours
  • Can withstand weather conditions, vibrations and shock
  • Millions of potential colour options
  • Eco-friendly as they contain no mercury or UV rays

LED Lighting in Offices

The usual type of office lighting is harsh, glaring and flickering. Office lighting can sometimes be perceived as quite depressing, giving workers a poorly lit space. Studies have shown that the type of lighting used in offices can greatly affect the work ethic of employees. With poor lighting, workers are more tired and less focused. With brighter, higher quality lighting workers can feel focused and happier, with some LEDs almost replicating daylight to produce melatonin. 

There are several options for LED lighting in the office - tube lights, panel lights and bulbs for recessed lighting. 

LED Lighting for Your Business

Light Supplier has a diverse selection of LED lighting, for both the interior and exterior of businesses, whether you run a shop or a large office. We will help you to find the ideal cost-effective lighting solution for your business. We have a range of modern designs which will look great in your offices or commercial property. 

We can also provide bespoke, tailored quotations for businesses. If you're interested, you can contact us for a no-obligation quote by calling 0151 548 2705

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