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Lighting by Room: Living Room

Lighting by Room: Living Room


You use your living room as a space to relax, read, watch TV and spend time as a family. You need to make sure that your lighting is suitable for various purposes, and it should look stylish too. LED is the best option for living room lighting which is customised to your needs, 


A chandelier is a perfect main light for your living room, as it doesn't cast any shadows and draws the eye upwards. You could also use pendant lights for this, just make sure that the light hangs high enough not to get in your way. There are plenty of modern pendant light designs around, from metal casings to geometric shapes, so you can really experiment with this area of lighting.


The key to getting the best lighting in your living room is to layer it, rather than relying on one source of lighting. You'll need a main light for when you want to play a board game or you're eating, and ambient lighting for relaxing with a film or watching your favourite soap. A good living room will have at least three lighting sources of different layers. 

Accent Lighting

If you have interesting artwork in your living room that you'd like to show off, why not try and add some accent lighting? You could use strip lighting to backlight it (you can also use this on your TV) or a low voltage lamp to emit a soft glow. 


Wall sconces can help to define the focal points of a room and look especially great over a fireplace or mantelpiece. You can even use wall sconces for decoration to add contrast to walls. You can use dimmer switches to control the level of lighting. This will soften the level of light to create a relaxing atmosphere. 


Lamps can be used to create the illusion of space, and they don't always have to be massive floor lamps. You can pop lamps on shelves or sideboards to create an ambient atmosphere. If you do opt for a floor lamp, try one with an arc for a modern vibe. Matching table lamps will give the room a sense of symmetry and balance. If you've got an empty corner in your living room, turn it into a reading nook with an armchair and a floor lamp. 


Windows are still the best way to get light into a room, and you can use the shape and trim of a window to add interest to the room. 


Mirrors can make a room look much brighter, by bouncing light off the walls. The more you can use mirrors in your living room, the less lighting you will need. 

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