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Lighting by Room: Bedroom

Lighting by Room: Bedroom


In the bedroom, your lighting needs to look as relaxing as possible. You'll need lights to read in bed at night and get ready in the dark on a winter morning. The bedroom needs to incorporate ambient, accent and task lighting. Ambient lighting acts as daylight, whilst accent lighting highlights visual features and task lighting helps you to read in bed. You'll also have to think about the space in your bedroom when you're choosing lighting - larger bedrooms can have floor lamps, whilst you may prefer wall lights in a small bedroom. 

Adjustable Wall Lights

Adjustable wall lights are ideal for when you're reading at night, as they allow you to choose the intensity of the light that you need, and you don't need to keep the main light on. When you don't need the lights, you can return them to their original position for symmetry. 

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights can cast a magical glow over any bedroom, whether it belongs to an adult or a child. Pairing fairy lights with dark blue walls can look comparable to a night sky. Fairy lights are an ideal lighting solution if you're living in a rented home and you don't have the freedom to decorate as you wish. 

Ceiling Lights

If your bedroom is small, there's only so much space for the furniture, so opt for ceiling lighting to save as much space as possible. Ceiling lighting will not obstruct your access to the bed, wardrobe or drawers, and it can look stylish if you follow lighting trends. Pendant lighting is a great look for bedroom lighting. It can be a statement piece if you hang it above your bed, just make sure that it is high enough to avoid banging your head on it!

Wardrobe Lighting

You can install discreet LED lighting into your wardrobe to illuminate the contents, helping you to get dressed on a dark morning. You can also put strip lighting in the wardrobe to light up your shelves. Either option will provide the room with accent lighting which is also functional. 


If you have a statement headboard, try backlighting it with LEDs. This will look contemporary and stylish, and it is a perfect way to add feature lighting in the room. You could place strip lights underneath the bed to make the bed look as if it is floating. 

Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches are the best option for lighting in your bedroom, as they will help you to control the level of light. If you're switching from halogen lighting to LED, your current dimmer switches may not work, so make sure that you consult with an electrician before changing your bedroom lighting, and check with your landlord if you are living in a rented property.

Save Space

Want reading lights but don't have any space on your bedside tables? Use pendant lights instead - this is a unique, stylish look and saves plenty of space.


To create a feeling of symmetry in your bedroom, choose co-ordinating bedside lamps and tables. This will keep your room balanced, even if the rest of the decor is eclectic. 

Complementing Lighting

Choosing one primary source for lighting and complementing it with softer lighting will add an element of design to your bedroom. You can use the different lighting for separate tasks or to set the mood of the room. 

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