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Top 9 Best Smart Home Products & Solutions for 2019

Top 9 Best Smart Home Products & Solutions for 2019

Date Published: September 10th, 2019

Once upon a time, smart home products were the technology of the future. Now, they are the technology of today, with hundreds of thousands of people investing in smart home solutions. Smart devices can modernise your home and help to make it safer and more energy efficient. Here are some of the most convenient smart home products available, from light bulbs to wireless charging.

1. Smart Colour Changing LED Bulb

Smart colour changing LED bulb

Price: £12.60

These colour-changing LED light bulbs come in the popular GLS bulb shape, but with the convenience of home automation technology. You can connect the smart bulbs to systems such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or the ELD JOIN smartphone app. All you need is an internet connection to control the colour of your lights and create the perfect mood lighting using voice control or your phone. The bulbs come with a screw cap or a bayonet cap. You can easily fit them to existing light fittings.

2. Smart Dimmable LED Bulb

Smart Dimmable LED Bulb

Price: £11.99

Connect these GU10 LED bulbs to your Wifi and you’ll be ready to adjust the brightness of your lighting with smart lights. You can fit these smart bulbs around your home to create modern spotlight fixtures with brightness control. These low-cost LED bulbs are dimmable using voice control with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, or you can control them with an app on your mobile phone.

3. Wireless Voice Switch

Wireless voice switch

Price From: £19.72

This Wireless Kinetic Switch System is compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, meaning that you can easily control the lighting around your home with voice commands. It is compatible with the Smart Life app as well, so you can also use your phone or tablet as a remote control. The wireless switch is convenient because it has a 30-metre range and requires no cables or batteries.

4. Surface Mounted Wireless Charger

Surface mounted wireless charger

Price: £61.25

Wireless charging is now the most convenient way to keep smartphones and tablets ready to go whenever you need them for work or play. A surface-mounted wireless charger has the benefit of a sleek and professional look in addition to being right where you need it. The wireless charger can be fitted into most surfaces, but it requires the installation of a 60mm-diameter hole in the furniture.

5. Hidden Wireless Charger

Hidden Wireless Charger

Price: £19.18

If you do not want to mount a wireless charger in an item of furniture, there are other options. The Wireless Hidden QI Charger enables you to charge your phone by placing it on a surface with the charger hidden underneath. Wireless charging works from a distance of more than 4mm. The hidden charger is compatible with many smartphones, including iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Nokia Lumia.

6. 5-in-1 Wifi LED Controller

Compatible with Amazon Alexa, as well as Android and Apple systems, this LED controller allows you to control your LED bulbs by voice command. You can retro-fit it to work with your existing network of smart lighting, including colour-changing LEDs and dimmable bulbs. The controller is compatible with 12V LED lights and enables group control of smart bulbs via app or voice from up to 30 metres.

Price: £45.48


7. Powerport Pop Up Sockets

Powerport Pop Up Sockets

Price: £76.79

A pop-up socket is a fantastic way to save space in any living or working environment. The pop-up Powerport unit is simple to install and comes with 3 plug sockets (UK) and 2 USB ports (1000mA). It also has Bluetooth speakers built in with 3W wireless connectivity for streaming music. It does not offer wireless charging, but this means that it is compatible to charge a wider range of appliances.

8. Fully Motorised Pop Up Socket

Fully motorised pop up socket

Price: £228

A motorised pop up socket enhances the user experience by merging standard plug sockets with wireless charging capability. You can charge your smartphone wirelessly on the top of it, or place your finger in the centre to activate the pop-up socket. It will rise up to reveal 3 sockets and 2 USB charging ports. Though it has no Bluetooth speakers, it does have convenient wireless charging.

9. Wi-fi 4 Zone Control

Wi-Fi 4 Zone Control

Price From: £30.24

This 4-zone Wifi control hub operates on radio frequency, allowing receivers to be hidden out of sight. The 4 channels allow multiple zone control from one device. Its Wifi module is compatible with all 12Vdc smart lights, so you can control your LED lights across 4 different areas from the app. Use it to switch your home or office lighting on and off from anywhere with a working Wifi connection.

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