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7 Incredible Living Room Pendant Light Ideas

7 Incredible Living Room Pendant Light Ideas

Date Published: October 9th, 2019

Pendant lights are a creative way to bring some character to a room and enhance its interior design. Here is a list of seven striking living room pendant light ideas with suggestions for unique style. Take a look to see if any of our living room pendant lights could inspire you.

Big Apple Opal Glass Pendant Light

Big Apple Opal Glass Pendant Light

Price: £191

If you want a simple pendant light which still makes a statement, the Big Apple Opal Glass Pendant Light from Leyton Lighting is one of the best glass hanging lights. The opal, glass, and chrome finish lends a chic and clean appearance to the large pendant light. Its natural white 4500K glow will make this planet-like ceiling light the centre of the universe in whichever room you decide to install it in. The 20-Watt light is dimmable as well, so you can lower the brightness and soften the round light.

Como Contemporary Pendant Light

Como Contemporary Pendant from Leyton Lighting

Price: £63.25

To bring an urban sculptural aesthetic to any seating area, consider the Como Pendant Light. These hanging lights are available in a “concrete” grey finish as well as a textured black finish. The lights have a cable drop length of 160cm, but they can be drop-adjusted during installation to the perfect length. Smaller pendant lights like this are ideal for group lighting fixtures above tables. The conical shades and their neutral colours should flatter most minimalist and monochrome interior design schemes.

Gabbia Cage Pendant Light

Gabbia Cage Pendant Light

Price: £76.80

If you would like a decorative pendant light which is right on trend, look at this Gabbia Cage Pendant Light from Sycamore Lighting. The delicate framework of the cage and its colouring give it the feel of a vintage pendant light, though its copper finish is also very fashionable. It provides a modern twist on industrial interior design, creating a distinct focal point in any room. It is particularly suitable for either private or commercial seating areas, with an adjustable cable length running up to 1500mm.

Boston Kitchen Pendant Light

Leyton Lighting Boston Kitchen Pendant Light

Price From: £131.30

For a copper pendant light which is more of a solid statement piece in the centre of the ceiling, the Boston Kitchen Pendant Light from Leyton Lighting offers a very distinct industrial style. It is available in a brushed nickel finish as an alternative option if you would prefer a more neutral tone. The metal hanging lamps have a built-in glass diffuser to soften the brightness of the light, which makes these powerful lights easier on the eye. These are pendant lights for living room use as well as in kitchens.

Cascara Cast Industrial Style Pendant Light

Cascara Cast Industrial Style Pendant Light

Price: £230.40

Adding an artistic element to functional lighting, the Cascara Industrial Style Pendant Light is a beautifully cast pendant light from Sycamore Lighting. The sand-cast aluminium has an antique copper appearance and creates a lovely pattern which is reminiscent of a tortoise shell. These pendant lights with chains have an edgy industrial look which is sure to provoke commentary, but the copper tone surrounding the 60-Watt bulb creates an atmosphere of warmth in a family room.

Dover Calais Smoked Glass Pendant Light

Calais Pendant Ceiling Light, Smoked Glass

Price: £62.40

When you are looking for living room pendant light ideas, smoked glass hanging lamps may not be at the forefront of your mind. However, you might be drawn to the Calais Pendant Ceiling Light if you enjoy unique but subtle light fixtures. The stunning smoked glass finish is not only beautiful to look at, but it naturally diffuses the light from within to create a relaxing atmosphere. This would be an excellent pendant light for a living room, lending sophistication to its surroundings at the same time.

Light Cord Ceiling Pendant Light

Leyton Lighting 5 Light Cord Ceiling Pendant Light

Price: £41.24

Pendant lights with cords can transform the practical element of hanging lights into an elaborate artistic showpiece. For example, this Cord Effect Ceiling Pendant Light delivers subtle intrigue and glamour, creating a more elegant living space. It is a more contemporary twist on a chandelier, as the rope ceiling light has light fittings for multiple bulbs. Installing your choice of different types of bulbs can really shape it into a unique light feature. This light can bring grandeur to any living room. 

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