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10 Amazing Small Bathroom Lighting Ideas (With Examples)

10 Amazing Small Bathroom Lighting Ideas (With Examples)

Date Published: July 16th, 2019

Lighting in your bathroom doesn’t need to be a dull and lifeless pursuit. The bathroom is a space in your home where you can take some time for yourself and relax after a long day in a soothing bath or shower.

Creating an inviting atmosphere for your bathroom can be essential to enhance the overall mood of the room, especially when you have the space to do so. But what about smaller bathrooms? Believe it or not, it is possible to get creative with smaller spaces in bathrooms as well. One of the most important things you can do is create ambient lighting, which is why we’ve compiled a list of 10 amazing small bathroom lighting ideas.

1. Contemporary Ceiling Lights

At the moment, some of the hottest contemporary trends when it comes to bathroom decor include flush ceiling lights, chrome accents and frosted glass panelling. At Light Supplier, we offer a host of different styles in lighting, including the above. For example, our 4 Light Contemporary Glass Ceiling Light is simple and easy to install and lies flush against your ceiling to bring a modern finish to your bathroom. With chrome and frosted glass accents, this light is perfect for any smaller bathroom. Styling an ensuite? We offer the same style in a smaller model, or take a look a look at our 3 Head Spotlight, which boasts contemporary chrome style.

4 Light Contemporary Glass Ceiling Light

4 Light Contemporary Glass Ceiling Light - £95.98

2. Wall Lighting

Perfect for creating a comforting aesthetic in any room, wall lighting in bathrooms can manipulate light in order to give a subdued look. Some of our modern designs include the Gypsum Curved LED Up/Down Wall Light and the Sevilla - Gypsum Square Up/Down LED Wall Light. Both of these modern designs are excellent value for money, and house LED technology, which will save you money in the long run.

Aragon - Gypsum Curved LED Up/Down Wall Light

Aragon - Gypsum Curved LED Up/Down Wall Light - £23.84

3. Over Cabinet Lighting

Over cabinet lighting is great for small spaces as it ensures that light is emitted into spaces that need it the most. When installed above a mirror, over cabinet lighting can reflect light across the room, making it an ideal solution. We recommend the Capella and Capella Deva products for over cabinet lighting, as well as our Serafino over cabinet light if you’re looking for these types of small bathroom lighting on a budget.

Capella Deva 240V IP44 LED Over Cabinet Light

Capella Deva 240V IP44 LED Over Cabinet Light - £26.88

4. Bathroom Mirror Lighting

A great way to bring light into a small bathroom is to install lighting by your bathroom mirror. Our Lombok light comes in a chrome finish, and fits perfect above your mirror in order to illuminate the room (and you). Alternatively, why not install a mirror that has lights integrated into it? It’s the perfect solution for small spaces, and looks modern with any chosen decor.

Bali - LED Bathroom Mirror

Bali - LED Bathroom Mirror - £123.84

5. Under Cabinet Lighting

One way to illuminate your space in the bathroom is by installing under cabinet lighting. This is done to achieve the vision of a light and airy space in your home. Under-cabinet lighting can be bought on a budget, or professionally installed, depending on your price point. A great choice, if you’re looking for small bathroom lighting ideas, undercabinet lighting, can be found in our Bathroom section.

6. Floor Lighting

Installed into the floor manually, floor lighting is super modern and suits a range of styles. Usually installed with LED bulbs, this type of lighting will last a long time, meaning you can sit back and relax, enjoying your bathroom as a bright and easy space to live in. 

7. Decadent Lighting

If your decor style is more luxurious, why not look for more decadent lighting? Think ornate chandeliers, low hanging industrial lighting or statement finishes. Usually used in larger bathrooms and other rooms in the house, decadent lighting can be used against a light palette to offset the feel of your bathroom, making it the perfect mixture of cosy and spacious.

8. Mood Lighting

Like some mood lighting when you soak in the tub? Consider installing some waterproof colour changing lights in your bathroom. They look great hidden around the rim of your tub, or under cabinet to create a soft-lit glow. 

9. Recessed Lighting

Perfect for installing into walls, these lights are great for use in showers as many are waterproof. Our Elix lights are ultra-modern, come in cool white or warm white colours, and lie flush against the wall in order to light up your shower in the most amazing way. 

GU10 IP65 Elix LED Shower Light

GU10 IP65 Elix LED Shower Light - £37.20

10. Light Up Shelves

Another way to brighten up space in your small bathroom is to include shelving lights in your open door cabinets. When we add products to shelves, they can become dull and lifeless. Adding in shelf lighting is the perfect way to keep the space lit, no matter the clutter.

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