Shelf Lighting

Here at Light Supplier, we believe that LED shelf lighting is perfect if you are looking to give your room a little added 'wow' factor!

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Plant on LED shelf

When it comes to providing additional lighting to a room (particularly ambient light), shelves, work surfaces and underhangs are often overlooked – after all, we are used to seeing them as furniture or fittings, and combining fixtures of our home like this isn’t always the first idea that springs to mind!

However, it’s worth considering, since providing light in this often-ignored way can give a room a very warm, atmospheric feel. LED lighting is an efficient, long-lasting way to provide such smooth, ambient light with lightweight, easily-replaced bulbs that make changing out a burnt-out bulb a rare and very easy task.

LED shelf lighting is also useful for its ability to highlight specific areas of interest in a room. Whether it be an entertainment system, a set of shelves or a marble work surface, LED shelves can provide lighting that draws the eye without seeming blatant, marking the room’s primary features the focal points in an elegant, sophisticated way.

Subtle Lighting to Enhance Your Interior

All that considered, perhaps the best thing about LED shelf lighting as opposed to other styles of illumination is that the light is well-contained and does not over-brighten a room. With alternative additional sources of ambient light, like LED ceiling spotlights, the flexibility and long life of the lights are maintained, but the effect can be less atmospheric and more intensely bright. While this suits some aesthetics, for a cosy atmosphere our money is on the subtlety of LED shelf lighting above any other.

LED shelf lighting gets around the harshness of other lighting styles by taking advantage of the shelving or underhang it is positioned on, to dissipate and shield the light for a warm, comfortable glow, giving any room a welcoming, cosy feel. This explains why so many of our customers use it for kitchen cabinet lighting.

Uses for LED Shelf Lighting

Illuminated LED shelf

In addition to providing gorgeous ambient lighting, shelf lighting is the perfect way to outline specific features within your room. For example, a great book collection can be highlighted as the focal point and conversation piece that it is in a room with the simple addition of some LED shelf lighting mounted above each of the bookshelves, providing a subtle illumination that highlights the collection.

Similarly, LED shelf lights can provide more functional illumination if mounted on the underside of shelves, used as cupboard lights or overhangs that sit above work surfaces, such as high kitchen cupboards above the worktop. Under cabinet lighting for example can provide a pleasantly unintrusive light, but it is directed where you need it most, giving you a great light level at exactly the right place.

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