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Small Business Lighting Ideas

Small Business Lighting Ideas

Date Published: November 20th, 2020

When we think of office lighting, we often imagine harsh fluorescent lighting in bright white tones. However, this isn’t always the best solution, especially for small businesses. Today you can find many small business lighting ideas and solutions that allow you to create a stylish and creative atmosphere.

Choosing Energy Efficiency

Did you know that most commercial buildings can waste around 30% of the energy they use? Installing the correct energy-efficient lighting system, as well as integrating other small energy-saving solutions, can save you and your business money in the long run. LED replacement bulbs have a longer life span, reduce energy consumption and lower maintenance costs overall. Although businesses of all sizes can benefit from choosing money saving options, smaller businesses are best suited for adopting these principles sooner rather than later.

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Small Business Lighting Ideas

Recessed Lighting

Ideal for overhead lighting, recessed lighting can provide light throughout larger spaces without the hassle of installing large fixtures. Recessed lighting fixtures feature bulbs that are set back into the ceiling, meaning they don’t hang or take up extra space.

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Desk Lighting

Aimed at illuminating individual workspaces, desk lighting offers an alternative solution for small businesses. They highlight one section of space and can be customised to suit your business aesthetic. Best used as supplementary lighting alongside a larger lighting plan, this is great for bringing work surface areas together.

Chandelier & Pendant Lighting

Great for drawing the eye and creating a great visual in a small workspace, pendant lighting such as chandeliers are best suited over tables and workspaces for a modern take on professional small business lighting.

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Wall Lighting

Sconces and shelf lighting are great for small cavities and walls in an office space. They can be used to highlight small work corners or nooks and can create an ambient atmosphere.

Floor Lights

Great for targeted lighting solutions around desks and sitting areas, floor lamps are a sleek and modern approach for illuminating small business spaces and offices. They work well as a focal point and can act as added decor if that’s a look you’re trying to achieve.

Under Cabinet Lighting

In some office spaces, kitchens can be one of the least appealing spaces. Under-cabinet lighting can improve the look of any kitchen tenfold, and won’t break the bank. They can make kitchen counters appear cleaner, and can help to illuminate those harder to reach spaces.

Natural Lighting

In addition to the above, natural lighting can play a huge role in the overall illumination of your small business space. Adding skylights or more windows can improve dark areas. Or simply adding mirrors and light colours inside the office can enhance the reach and potential of natural lighting too.

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