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The Home Office Lighting Guide

The Home Office Lighting Guide

Date Published: November 28th, 2020

With more and more people working from home, home offices and workspaces are becoming a staple. However, not all home offices are made equal. If this is your first time creating a work from home space or environment, you may be struggling to get it just right.

From choosing the right chair and desk to setting up your PC, a home office can be a complicated thing to get completely right. One of the most overlooked aspects of a home office setup is, in fact, the lighting. Did you know that the wrong lighting can influence your productivity and comfort? It can also cause eye strain and reduce your alertness. These are things we usually don’t need to think about at the office, but when it comes to our own spaces, it’s becoming more and more prominent that we need to learn. Below is our home office lighting guide, and some products that can help you make the space perfect for your needs.

The Ideal Lighting

When it comes to lighting your home office, consider the goals you want to achieve in the space. Ideally, it should illuminate the space you’re working on (your keyboard, monitor etc). It should also keep you awake, alert and focused, so nothing too warm or dim. A light with a blue hue is an excellent option for this. If you wish to choose coloured lighting or bulbs, ensure the colours don’t distract you. Playing around with hues can help you find a colour that helps you be the most productive. You should also avoid glare, and position any lighting you choose to be as indirect as possible.

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General Lighting

General lighting, such as pendant lighting can be used to illuminate an entire workspace. It should be equally distributed and produce enough light so that you can see well enough without additional lighting. A great addition to installing pendant lighting is to install a dimmer switch, especially if your work from home environment is multi-functional. This will allow you to switch between bright lighting to aid in productivity and more ambient lighting for when you finish work and need to wind down.

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Task Lighting

This is used for illuminating one space in which you work. It can be a desk lamp, a standing lamp or a spotlight. Installing task lighting is great for getting in the right headspace for work, and can be very cosy in terms of interior design aesthetics.

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Accent Lighting

Used for highlighting decor or furniture, accent lighting can be used to highlight a desk or workspace just as well. It can provide that great highlighting glow, and be achieved by using sconces or LED shelf lighting.

We hope this home office lighting guide helps you choose the perfect lighting for your work from home environment!

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