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Everything You Need to Perfect Small Bathroom Lighting

Everything You Need to Perfect Small Bathroom Lighting

Date Published: July 10th, 2021

Perfecting a small bathroom can be tricky. The reason for this is because many factors come into play. For example, how much natural lighting your small bathroom gets will determine how much lighting you’ll require. In addition to this, you’ll also need to know what style of bathroom you wish to create, the ambience you’d like to have and which fixtures and fittings you wish to install.

Below is our comprehensive list from our experts of everything you will need to perfect your small bathroom lighting and make it stand out in your home for both you and visitors. 

Bathroom mirror lighting

Opting for bathroom mirror lights, or mirrors with lighting integrated into them is a surefire way to make your room stand out. It’s also extremely practical if you use the bathroom to apply make-up or your skincare routine. 

Java - LED Bathroom Mirror

Java - LED Bathroom Mirror From £93.12


 Layer your lighting 

Whatever the size of your bathroom, layering light sources will enhance its style and design. Combine downlights with sconces, task lighting, and accent lighting in order to create an atmospheric bathroom that’s perfect for practical everyday living with a calm and ambient atmosphere. 

Rimini - Recessed Under Cabinet LED Downlights (High Output) 

Rimini - Recessed Under Cabinet LED Downlights From £7.28


Wall lighting 

You can utilise wall lighting strategically to help create an illusion that makes your small bathroom look taller and larger than it actually is. Wall lighting can draw the eyes up and create the perfect lighting solution if you are in need of small bathroom lighting ideas. 

Choose chrome or modern wall sconces if you’re looking for something that looks new and stylish. You can also take it one step further by matching the colour of your wall lights with the rest of your appliances and colour scheme. 

Aragon - Gypsum Curved LED Up/Down Wall Light

Aragon - Gypsum Curved LED Up/Down Wall Light From £23.84

 Add Colour 

Colour schemes can be fun, quirky, and cool, especially with the latest design trends. Match some wall art with your colour scheme to really make it pop, or opt for bold wall colours to make your small bathroom look amazing. 

RBG IP65 Waterproof Colour Changing LED Tape 

RBG IP65 Waterproof Colour Changing LED Tape From £19.20


Try exposed bulbs

These classic and timeless designs are perfect for those who like the industrial look in their home and offer a great alternative to built-in lighting for a more traditional look and feel. If you’re looking for small bathroom ideas that are a lot more old-fashioned, then this tip is for you. They can be hung above mirrors, and are simple and stylish in any bathroom.

 Gotham Industrial Style Wall Lights

Gotham Industrial Style Wall Lights From £39.24 

Use a feature light 

Adding dimensions to your bathroom with a feature light can mimic the illusion of space in more ways than one. A pendant light is ideal for hanging over a clawfoot bathtub and can draw the eye upwards in a small space. Opting for a glass pendant light will also aid in providing more light in the bathroom itself. 

Como Contemporary Pendant from Leyton Lighting

Como Contemporary Pendant from Leyton Lighting From £63.25

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