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Bedroom Mood Lighting Ideas

Bedroom Mood Lighting Ideas

Date Published: September 25th, 2021

The bedroom is one of the most used rooms in the house. It can be a space to relax, to watch TV, to study or to just spend hours scrolling through our phones. Mood lighting allows you to add an extra dimension to your living space, so whether you’re winding down for the day or you’re setting the mood for another activity, below are some of our favourite tips for bedroom mood lighting ideas.

Reading lamps

Reading lamps can come in all shapes and sizes. From table lamps to wall lamps, any lighting fixture can become a reading lamp when positioned and used correctly. Some table lamps come with an additional clip for reading, whereas some floor lamps can be dimmed when needed to provide an additional lighting source for when you’re reading in bed.

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Dimmer switches

One of the best bedroom mood lighting ideas is layering light with the use of dimmer switches. This will give you even more opportunities to create flexible mood lighting. Dimmers allow for a brighter and more functional lighting scheme in the home. So if you’re looking for something soft or something a little brighter, a dimmer switch allows you to switch things up in an instant.

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Choose the right colour temperature

When considering the mood and atmosphere of your bedroom, it’s important to consider the colour temperature you wish to achieve. Do you want bright and white or soft and glowing? Bulbs that are above 5000k tend to be on the whiter or blue side of the spectrum of light. Whereas choosing bulbs under 3000k tend to be ideal for anything looking to tone down any harshness in their bedroom and introduce something soft and unique.

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Opt for wall lights

Although many people still see wall sconces as an outdated form of lighting, they’re currently on the rise in popularity when it comes to interior lighting design. They’re versatile and offer great atmospheric properties when it comes to a mood lighting living room. As well as being part of the task lighting movement, they’re also ideal for introducing warmth and depth in your room.


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Opt for colourful lampshades

If you’re on a tight budget, then simply changing the lampshades in your bedroom is a quick and cheap way to introduce a little ambience. Choosing tones such as red or cream can lessen harsh lights, giving you the aesthetic you require in no time at all.

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