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Pendant Lighting Ideas

Pendant Lighting Ideas


Pendant lighting is having a 'moment'. It has suddenly become the lighting style of choice for many interior designers, and it is not hard to see why, thanks to its versatility. You can use pendant lighting in many different rooms, such as the kitchen and bathroom. There are so many different styles, from metal finishes to unique shapes, so here are some ideas about how you can use pendant lighting in your home. 

Industrial Style

Industrial style pendant lights look amazing in a contemporary kitchen. For this look, think stripped back styles where the bulb is exposed. For example, our Lecce light is perfect for an industrial look. Industrial pendant lights suit a modern kitchen, and look great placed over an island. If you own a pub or restaurant, industrial lighting can work well in a commercial space too, and create a talking point for your customers. 


The brass/copper trend has been everywhere over the last year or so...Instagram, Pinterest, magazines and so on. This warm type of metal has totally taken over homeware, and even the new iPhone is copper! If you like the look of brass, pendant lighting is a good way to experiment with it. We love the statement of a brass pendant light in the middle of a room, and it looks great with neutral colour schemes such as grey and white. 

Drum Shape

 Whilst pendant lighting comes in all shapes and sizes, the most popular style is drum pendant lighting. The drum shape is like a wide cylinder, and it looks classic yet modern. Their wide shape allows a statement bulb to lurk inside, and thanks to the wonder of LED, you can experiment with different colours and tones to find the best colour for your room. Drum pendant lighting looks great over a dining room table. 

Rule of Three

The rule of three makes a great statement for pendant lighting. Just buy three identical fixtures and place them in a row! 

Tips for Getting Pendant Lighting Right:

  • When you're hanging a pendant light over a table, it should be 28-32 inches above the table. 
  • If you're hanging a pendant light above a staircase, make sure that it's high enough - no one wants to duck every time they go up the stairs!
  • If there's no room for bedside tables in your home, consider hanging pendant lights either side of the bed - just install a dimmer switch nearby!
  • Pendant lighting looks great over the end of your bed.
  • Pay attention to the space where you're installing the light - small spaces with a low ceiling are probably not suitable for pendant lights. 
  • Think about the light levels in your room - every room should have more than one source of lighting. 
  • Consider the function of the room - the kitchen gets steamy and grease can fly about when you're cooking, so you'll want a pendant which is easy to clean.
  • Odd numbers of pendant lights look better than even - try 3 or 5 fixtures. 
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