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Garden Lighting for Autumn/Winter

Garden Lighting for Autumn/Winter


The weather is changing and it's getting ever closer to the most wonderful time of the year - and a time that we usually spend indoors. However, there is no reason to neglect your outdoor lighting, as there is plenty of different ways to incorporate the changing season into your garden lighting. Here are some ways to make your outdoor space cozy and inviting (even when the weather isn't!)

String Lights

String lights are easily one of the most versatile types of lighting, and they can be used all year round. However, they really come into their own throughout Autumn and Winter. In Autumn, opt for gold-toned string lights which will compliment the orangeness of the fallen leaves, and the general crispness that is in the air. Of course, around Christmas time, you can opt for twinkly festive lights in a multitude of colours. In terms of placement, try wrapping your string lights around trees for a romantic effect. 

Rope/Strip Lights

If you're looking for outdoor lighting which is easy to install, LED rope/strip lighting is an excellent choice, as it is safe to install for all weather and lasts a lot longer than other types of lighting, with an average lifespan of around 30,000 hours. You can also opt for a low voltage without compromising on the brightness of the light, which reduces the risk of electrical fires and other safety hazards. In terms of where to place rope or strip lighting - you can be creative! Line the pathway of your drive, or wrap them around a gazebo. You can use strip lights to highlight interesting areas of your garden.


Lanterns are a timeless way to add atmosphere to your garden. They add a touch of old-world charm to the space, and are also highly functional. They're more durable than candles and are relatively inexpensive. You can use them as wall sconces, to top fence posts and to light up pathways and steps for safety purposes. 

Decking Lights

There's no rules which say that you shouldn't be allowed to enjoy your decking area in the colder months. For the dark nights, recessed decking lights are ideal. They don't present a safety hazard as they are placed within the decking, and they produce a bright light which helps you to enjoy the space even in the darkest of nights. Just don't forget to add a heater of sorts, or snuggle up with a multitude of blankets! 

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