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Undercabinet Lighting Ideas

Undercabinet Lighting Ideas

 Under cabinet lighting is a style of lighting that is constantly growing in popularity. This is because it provides a focused light which is ideal for performing tasks. It can work in several rooms throughout the home, but it is most effective in the kitchen and bathroom. Here are some ideas of how you can use undercabinet lighting in your home:

Over the Stove

One of the best places for undercabinet lighting in the kitchen is over the stove. Undercabinet lighting doesn't cast any shadows, so it will help you to see when you're cooking. For best results, place the lights towards the front of the cabinet.

Inside the Cupboards

We've all been there. Looking for that specific spice or utensil in your cupboard and not being able to find it because it's too dark. Installing under cabinet lighting inside your cupboards can prevent this. You can opt for lighting which has a sensor so that it is only activated when the cupboard is opened, to prevent wasting electricity. 

Over the Sink

sink undercabinet lighting.jpg

Washing up is a chore at the best of times, but it's even worse when you can't see what you're doing due to poor lighting. If your sink is under the cabinets, install some lighting to help you out! Puck (round) lights work well for this as they are more focused. 

Strip Lighting

You can get a bit more creative with LED strip lighting. You can place it at the bottom of your cupboards to give them the illusion that they are floating. You can place it around the base of your top cupboards for a contemporary look. Strip lighting gives out a more even glow than puck lights. 

Feature Lighting

If you have a statement backsplash in your kitchen that you'd like to show off, undercabinet lighting is a great way to do that. For best results, place the light at the front of the cabinet and orientate it towards the backsplash to illuminate it effectively. 

Why choose LED?

There are several reasons why you should choose LED for your undercabinet lighting:

  • LED lights can easily be dimmed, which is ideal for turning task lighting into ambient lighting when it comes to relaxing in the kitchen.
  • The bulbs are cool to the touch, making them a safe option.
  • Using LED bulbs will not damage wooden countertops as they don't generate as much heat as other types of bulbs.
  • LED bulbs can last around 13 years, making them an affordable alternative to halogen bulbs which may break and need to be replaced.
  • The light given off by LED bulbs is a bright white, which is great for kitchen lighting and in the bathroom where you may be shaving.
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