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Lighting by Room: Kitchen

Lighting by Room: Kitchen


Kitchen lighting is so important, but it can be difficult to get it right. If you're re-designing your whole kitchen, it's best to begin thinking about lighting whilst you are still in the planning stage, otherwise, it will be an afterthought and it will be more difficult to get the desired look.  You also need to be practical - Some areas of the kitchen, such as the worktops where you prep food will need task lighting, whereas seating areas will need to have mood lighting for when you are entertaining. Don’t forget that when installing lighting, you should always hire a qualified electrician.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is the term used for the brightest lights in your kitchen. You generally need task lighting for prepping food and cooking in the main areas of the worktops, sink and cooker.


Invest in undercabinet lights fitted close to the edge of your cabinets above the worktops and cooker. There are many different types of undercabinet lighting to choose from, and you can recess them into the cabinet itself for a streamlined look. Surface mounted lighting can often be installed as a DIY job.

Strip Lighting

If you’re not fussy on the spotlight look of traditional undercabinet lights, try flexible LED strip lighting. You can choose from many different colours and fit multiple strips together if you need a longer length.

Ceiling Lights

To create task lighting with your ceiling lights, opt for directional spotlights with a wider beam width as this will create a bright, focused light.

Mood Lighting

Mood lighting helps to create an atmosphere when you are using your kitchen as a multi-functional space. It is ideal if your kitchen is also a dining area. Try to ensure your lights are controlled by multiple switches so that you can create different moods.

Wall Lights (Dimmable)

Wall lights will help take your kitchen from a space for eating to a space for entertaining. LEDs make a great option for mood lighting as they can easily be controlled with a dimmer switch.


If your kitchen has high ceilings, uplights on the top of your cabinets will enhance the room's lighting and you will need fewer downlights (spotlights) too.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is designed to highlight interesting features around the room, by drawing the eye.

Shelf Lighting

If you have shelves in your kitchen, you could place lighting on it. Try thin strip lighting on the edge of the shelf, or even fairy lights draped along it.

Plinth Lights

Plinth lights are small, sparkling lights built into units, designed to give a small amount of light which will make the unit look like its floating.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights can be a great statement piece, particularly when they are hanging over an island or dining table. You can find pendant lighting in a range of styles from stripped-back and industrial, to ceramics and metals. As pendant lighting can be bright, the best option is to install it with a dimmer switch so that your kitchen island can benefit from both bright and mood lighting.

The key with kitchen lighting is to aim for a layered look, with at least four different types of lighting which blends together. 

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