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How to Light Forgotten Spaces

How to Light Forgotten Spaces


When you're decorating your home, lighting is a major factor. Every room has a different purpose and separate requirements for lighting. However, when you’re focused on the main rooms of the home, there can be some spaces that you forget about, such as the areas that connect the rooms and dark corners. Here’s how to correctly illuminate those forgotten spaces:


If you’re tired of searching through your cupboards to find stuff in the dark, you should think about undercabinet lighting. If you opt for LED undercabinet lights, they are entirely safe to install inside your cupboards as they won’t damage the wood or any food that you have in the cupboard. You can get battery operated undercabinet lights, which are simple to install without disrupting the mains power supply. Some undercabinet lights are also operated by sensors, which makes the bulb last longer as they will only be activated when you open the cupboard door.


There are several ways to effectively light a staircase. Wall lights are an easy way to light the area as you walk up and down the stairs, but if you’re looking for something more stylish, why not try a pendant or a chandelier at the top of the stairs. If your home decor is contemporary, you could add plinth lights to the tread of the stairs, to create soft lighting with a modern twist.


The hallway is the first area that visitors see when they come to your home, so it should make a good impression. This area of the home isn’t usually blessed with a lot of natural lighting, so the lighting becomes even more important. If you have a bit of room in your budget, a skylight is a great way to bring more natural lighting into the home. You will also need to consider space – if your hallway is long and narrow, there won’t be much space for table lamps or floor lamps. If this is the case for your hallway, recessed spotlights could work well. If you have high ceilings in your hall, try a statement chandelier. A great way to increase lighting in your hallway is to place several mirrors in the space – the light will bounce off the mirrors, making the space look much larger.


Much like the hallway, you should consider the dimensions of your landing space when considering lighting. If you have a low ceiling, recessed lighting is ideal as it does not interfere with the space. If you have young children who sleep with their bedroom door open, using dimmer switches with your lighting may be ideal as it means you can dim the lighting if you don’t want to wake them. If you wish to incorporate your landing lighting with your bedroom decor, try using the same wall lights in both areas for a streamlined look. 

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