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How To Choose A Dining Room Light Fixture

How To Choose A Dining Room Light Fixture

Date Published: September 17th, 2020

Although it can seem like a tricky decision to make, choosing the right dining room light fixture doesn’t have to be all that complicated. Depending on your decor, your dining room might look perfect with a simple pendant light, some wall lights or a statement floor lamp. However, if you’d like to make a perfect choice, it’s important to consider lighting fixture size, bulb hue and aesthetic.

Here are our top tips for how to choose a dining room light fixture:

Choose The Right Shape

When we say choose the right shape, we mean the right shape for your dining table (if you’re installing a pendant light). The right fixture will complement the table and make it the statement piece of the room itself. If you have a round table, a chandelier might be best suited to you. If you have a rectangular table, then a linear pendant light would be ideal. Take a look at our popular Eclipse linear pendant if you’re looking for that perfect light above a square table.

Eclipse Ball LED Ceiling Pendant Light, IP20 Rated

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The Best Shade

Just looking for the perfect shade for your pendant lighting? Consider materials such as the following:

  • Glass - for illuminating darker rooms. Coloured glass shades will also fill the room with ambience.
  • Linen - Perfect for the ideal glow. Again, the colour of the linen will cover the room in a tinted sheen.
  • Metal - More popular than ever, metal shades shift light downwards, making it ideal for highlighting your dining table.

Add The Right Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is perfect if your room is dark, or if you want to draw the eye to another aspect of your dining room such as a reading nook. Wall sconces are ideal for elegant decor, and will set an inviting tone to the room. Place them above a sideboard or fireplace for added oomph. Alternatively, opt for a table lamp if you have any feature side tables in the room. For larger accent lighting, opt for a floor lamp that could loom over a reading chair, or even the dining table itself.

Consider The Suspension Height

Ideally, if you have a low hanging feature light, you should make sure that the suspension is roughly 30 inches above the table or surface. A light that’s too low could cause issues with space, and a light that’s suspended too high could look aesthetically unappealing. If you’re wondering how to choose a dining room light fixture that offers this, check out our range of pendant lighting.

Set The Mood

Installing a dimmer is the perfect way to do this. Not only can dimmers work with a range of lights, but being able to set the mood by dimming the lights in your dining can be perfect for a range of settings and dinner parties.

Try Not To Obstruct

If your room has a feature wall, statement wallpaper or you simply want the dining table to be the centrepiece, don’t choose a lighting option that will monopolize it. Opt for something simple that highlights rather than detracts.

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