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How To Bring Natural Light Into A Basement

How To Bring Natural Light Into A Basement

Date Published: September 10th, 2020

Natural light can play a big part in how we decorate and even view our homes. The more light a space has, the more comfortable and welcoming it can be. Basements, especially in the UK, can be dark and dreary places thanks to a lack of windows and decent lighting.

When it comes to basement renovations, there are lots of things you need to consider. For example, will your renovations meet building codes, have the right ventilation and offer functionality in your home? These are all important questions to ask, however, making sure that you can incorporate light should be a high priority. The right lighting can truly make or break a space in the home, so here are our tips for how to bring natural light into a basement:

Consider A Solar Tube

These are tubes that feed natural light directly into your basement. Usually placed on the exterior wall, solar tubes house a series of mirrors that help the light travel and illuminate dark spaces in your basement.

Install Light Wells

As vertical light is the strongest, installing a light well is ideal if you’re wondering how to bring natural light into a basement. Light wells can be full-sized or small windows and are usually placed where the exterior walls get the most sun throughout the day. They’re ideal for flooding your basement with light during the day.

Choose Feature Lighting

Although light wells and solar tubes are perfect for adding natural light to your basement during the day, what about illumination during the evening? Mix and match your lighting to illuminate the different parts of your basement that need it the most. Looking for the perfect pendant light? Take a look at our popular industrial style pendant light. It comes complete with fixing accessories and is dimmable to you liking. We also offer a range of decorative lighting that includes wall and shelf lighting - ideal for lighting dark corners.

Endon Lighting 3 Light Tabyas Industrial Style Pendant

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Extend Ceiling Heights

Sometimes, low ceilings can contribute to making a place even darker, especially in the basement. Although actually extending your ceiling height can be pricey, there are ways of doing it without breaking the bank. For example, opting for lighter colours on the walls or vertical wallpaper will give the illusion of taller ceilings.

Glass Doors

Another way to maximise the light in your basement is to switch to glass glazing indoors. This could be a glass partition, glass doors or even glass balustrades. Their natural reflective properties will not only further any natural light but make your basement look more open and modern.

Design Details

Utilising designs that enhance the light in your basement is a cheaper alternative to renovating. For example, hanging mirrors in the right places can help with the distribution of natural light, and lighter walls and floors can add the illusion of light and open space.

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