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How To Wire A Double Light Switch

How To Wire A Double Light Switch

Date Published: August 20th, 2020

In the UK, it’s not uncommon to have two wall switches in a box control that operate two separate light fixtures. If you’re wondering how to wire a double light switch, in basic terms, you will need to feed one hot wire into the switch box and split it. Depending on where the switches are located along the circuit run, your switch box may look different to others that you’ve seen.

Before Your Begin

Before you follow any of the guidance below, ensure that you switch off the mains supply. You should also remove the appropriate fuse and switch off the correct circuit breaker. Ensure that the existing fitting is removed, that you have all of the right tools and that you understand the layout of the terminal connections before you partake in any wiring.

Wiring Colours: UK & Ireland

Below are the wiring colours for the UK & Ireland.

Twin & Earth Cable: Brown = Live

Flexible Cable: Blue = Neutral

Please note that in the UK, any installations wired before 2006 could feature a red wire that’s live and neutral wire that’s black. After 2006, the above colours should be standard in most fittings.

How To Wire A Double Light Switch

Wiring a double light switch is a simple process that is easy to do. However, if you’re not a lighting professional or if you’re unsure on any of the steps below, we suggest speaking with a licensed electrician who will be able to install your double light switch easily.

Step 1

Connect the wires, ensuring that the copper cores are fitted into the terminal. If you need to, strip more of the cable to ensure a secure fitting. Once this is done, you can tighten the terminal screws which will secure the wires. Ensure that your earth and neutral wires are in the correct places before tightening any. This will prevent you from having to go back and changing any connections.

Step 2

Fix the earth wire to the earth terminal. If you need to, connect extra wire from the terminal in the wall box to the earth terminal on the accessory itself. If you see any bare wires, cover them with green or yellow sleeving.

Step 3

Using screws, attach the accessory to the wall, ensuring that the cables inside the box are not trapped in any way.

Step 4

Replace any fuse or switch on the circuit breaker that you removed before you started wiring. Once this is done, switch the mains supply back on. Your light switch is now wired and fully functional. If you find that your light isn’t working properly, read back through these steps and see if any cables are not tightened or trapped inside the lighting unit.

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