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Cosy lighting ideas for your campervan

Cosy lighting ideas for your campervan

Decorating your campervan is the perfect way to create a cosy home on the road. And the key to a welcoming environment is ambient lighting. 

If your campervan lacks comfort or creativity, Light Supplier is here to help. Read on to discover great lighting ideas to brighten your journey. 

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Why lighting matters in a campervan

If you’ve purchased a caravan, you’re likely planning to spend a lot of your time in it. Personalising a space you use often can make it feel warm, safe, and inviting. 

Adding lights to your campervan will enhance visibility and create the safe and cosy atmosphere you crave. If your campervan is small inside, you can strategically place your lights to make the space appear larger.

Those with cooking appliances in their van or who read and write often will need efficient illumination to prevent hazards or eye strain. However, if your main concern is comfort, a lighting feature can make your vehicle feel more personal and relaxing. 

Types of lighting for campervans

There are various ways you can approach campervan lighting.

Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting is designed to illuminate certain areas, specifically for mood lighting. This is ideal for those who travel often and want to personalise their campervan to feel more homely.

Popular types of ambient lighting include:

  • LED strip lights: LED strip lights are ideal for easy installation and low energy consumption. These can be placed along the wall, dangled from the ceiling or draped around decor elements.
  • Battery-powered or rechargeable lights: Battery-powered lights are ideal for those who want an impermanent lighting feature. These can be placed strategically around your van.

Task lighting

If you have appliances that you often use in your campervan, such as cooking appliances or furniture, task lighting is ideal. This provides functional lighting to aid you with certain tasks, enhancing visibility and productivity. 

Some task lighting features include:

  • Under-cabinet lighting: This is designed for kitchen cabinets or cupboards. Under-cabinet lights provide direct illumination for cooking and preparing food.
  • Flexible/directional lamps: Lamps with adjustable arms or necks are perfect for reading or working tasks. These can be positioned to direct light exactly where you want it. 
  • Clip-on lights: These fixtures are versatile and can be attached to various surfaces, like shelves or book edges, providing focused light in a specific area.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting is the perfect addition if you have certain features in your campervan that you wish to highlight. This will add depth to the interior of your van, creating an overall ambience for overnight stays. 

You could choose between:

  • Wall sconces: If you have certain pictures, posters, or decor you’d like to highlight, wall sconces are the perfect choice. This will add a traditional elegance to your van.
  • Spotlights or directional lights: Small spotlights can focus on decorative pieces, artwork, or other personal items. These can be hung on the wall or ceiling.
  • Decorative lamps: Unique lamps that double as decorative pieces are perfect for accent lighting in your campervan. These could be placed on a nightstand or stood on the floor.

Decorative lighting

Lighting plays a vital role in making your campervan visually appealing. These can be used to express your personality and get creative whilst decorating your vehicle.

Decorative lighting includes: 

  • String lights: Fairy lights are the perfect way to add a unique feature to your campervan. Drape these along the ceiling, windows, or furniture for a whimsical, cosy effect.
  • Pendant lights: Pendant lights can add a modern touch to your van, perfect for a kitchen or dining space. You can purchase lights with adjustable cords to customise them to fit inside your van.

Choose Light Supplier for your campervan lighting

Now that you have an abundance of lighting ideas to adorn your van with, you can browse our wide variety of choices to get started. 

Our products are made with quality and efficiency in mind. For product information or professional advice, contact our team of experts today. 

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